Connect, share and engage

Streamline information exchange during an event

Touchpoints power interactive experiences and competitions during your event. This feature enables event organizers to send pre-loaded content to attendees via email or text message, supports tap-to-download event experiences and streamlines item collection.

Send pre-loaded content to attendees via email or SMS

Identify customers with interest in niche products

Add value to sponsors, allowing them to gather leads from a number of locations around an event

Measure attendee interaction and engagement for richer lead scoring

How it works

Step 1.
Create event Touchpoints

Touchpoints are a great way to add energy to an event by enabling additional interactive experiences for attendees. Guests who wish to engage more passively during an event can also benefit form receiving additional content that suits their interests.
Simply upload Touchpoint content into Jomablue. This could be a document, a promotional offer, or a list of items for attendees to collect or purchase.

Step 2.
Tap to receive information

Physical stations are then positioned around the event-site. Usually attached to a plinth and supported by attractive signage, attendees approach a Touchpoint to receive specific content relevant to their individual needs. Attendees tap their Smart Badge to obtain information or collect items from Touchpoints, for example allocation of event swag bags, access to a white paper, or entry into a competition.


Step 3.
Gain valuable customer insight

Details of the content accessed by an attendee is captured by their Smart Badge and provides event organizers with information about their level of engagement during the event and specialized topics of interest. For this reason Touchpoints are a valuable contributor to an attendees overall Engagement Score generated at the end of an event.

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