It’s tempting for exhibitors to boast about the busy buzz of their stand, because for many the quantity of leads generated at an event is their sole measure of success or failure. The more leads collected, the more successful the event. Simple! It keeps the sales team happy, it keeps senior management happy and it keeps the holder of the company purse strings happy. When it comes to lead capture tactics at events, we’ve fallen into the mindset of more.

The evolution of more

In the good ol’ days, pen and paper did the trick. Exhibitors would chat with attendees and jot down their details on a piece of paper. A nice, reliable way to capture leads. But there had to be a way to get more, right?

Enter the fishbowl. “Drop your business card in the bowl for your chance to win a prize,” was the cry from exhibitors. And it worked. Attendees handed over their details. Armed with a fist full of business cards, exhibitors went back to the office boasting about how many more leads they’d captured. But the question persisted. Was there a way to capture more?

Ah ha! The event passport. The goal? For attendees to collect stamps in their passport by visiting exhibitors. “Collect them all and you’re in the draw to win a prize,” was the lure. Bingo! More leads. A great result. But surely there were still more leads out there?

Then along came gamefication. What better way to involve attendees than by creating a fun game to encourage them to engage with exhibitors – all with the lure of swag at the end. More buzz, more involvement, more leads. Success!

And so goes the evolution of more. But, let’s face it, more is not necessarily better.

Quality trumps quantity

Events are a powerful way to enable exhibitors to connect face-to-face with their target audience and generate leads. This we know. But as any marketing or sales professional will tell you, qualifying those leads is anything but certain. Why? Because not all leads are created equal.

The reality is that lead quantity rarely correlates to quality. Which do you think your exhibitors would prefer? 500 mediocre leads? Or 30-40 high-value qualified leads? The answer is obvious.

Yes, the tried and true methods work. Fishbowls, passports and gamefication will undoubtedly generate lots of leads, but most will not be interested in what the exhibitor has to offer. They’ve simply handed over their details for the chance to win a prize. And the cost of following up these unqualified, dead-end leads can be enormous for exhibitors.

Surely we can do better nowadays.

Here’s where technology comes in. Imagine this. A lead capture and follow-up process for exhibitors that is closely linked to the activities of the event organiser – before, during and after the event.

Today we have access to tools that allow exhibitors access to personalised information so they can profile attendees, visualise their behaviour and measure engagement in real time. Equipping exhibitors with a cutting-edge lead capture tool is the best way to ensure they are effectively and efficiently capturing quality leads.

So what are the important considerations when selecting the right lead capture tool to provide to exhibitors?

  • Does the tool capture attendee information electronically in an instant?
  • Can it deliver information directly into the exhibitor’s database?
  • Does it deliver personalised exhibitor messaging electronically to attendees?
  • Is there a notes function to record information relevant to each interaction?

Don’t let your exhibitors succumb to the temptation of more. By providing them with the correct tools, you can help them capture high-quality qualified leads and more effectively measure the success of their attendance at your conference.

Need help with your lead capture process?

Find out how Lead Capture can help you drive greater return on investment for your exhibitors and sponsors by enabling them to effectively and efficiently capture quality leads in real time.

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