Every virtual event website: a carefully crafted, consistently-branded masterpiece?

Event management can be…chaotic. Simplified, repeatable processes make it possible to move quickly while also safeguarding your brand’s visual style.  If your organization is delivering a calendar of virtual or hybrid events in 2022—you need an easy-to-use tool at your disposal to make building online event experiences fast and effective. 

Paint a perfect picture of your brand across every event website

A key feature of Jomablue’s event platform is flexible page design for event websites. You can build and host bespoke virtual event spaces using what we call ‘Canvas pages’. Canvas pages are customizable web pages hosted by Jomablue that event organizers can tailor to match the content they want to share and the types of interactions they want to encourage. 

Organizers can choose from over 30 different content ‘blocks’ with a unique function. Some popular blocks include live stream, chat, video on demand, sponsor lead capture, Q&A, and advertisements.

In addition, extensive branding can be applied to every Canvas page, including but not limited to, brand colours and fonts/typography, artwork in page backgrounds and headers, and ad blocks. Canvas pages also support transparent images so you can correctly display all logos and other graphics without unsightly white borders.

This variety and branding capability lets you efficiently create a rich and cohesive online experience for attendees—far beyond what’s possible without the help of a leading event platform.

But what’s even better for time-poor online event organizers who care about great design?Jomablue’s end-to-end event platform includes the ability to create and re-use Canvas page layout templates. 

You don’t need to start with a blank canvas every time

Complex events can require hosting hundreds of event web pages: for each session, sponsor and activity you include. Each and every page needs to:

  1. Look good and visually convey your brand story
  2. Showcase your content to grab the attention of (let’s face it: easily distracted) virtual and hybrid event audiences. 

The design of virtual event pages is a critical component of ensuring the content you produce is compelling. It hurts your event’s performance to skimp on page design.

And yet, labouring over the exact placement of every piece of content, interactive feature, and brand element across hundreds of virtual event pages each year may not be the best use of your time either.

Jomablue’s Canvas page layout templates are the ideal solution. The foundation for streamlined and successful virtual event delivery. 

Building reusable Canvas page templates give you an effortless way to:

3 Steps to creating a reusable work of art: Making a page design template

When you upload a template to use for a new virtual event, the original content (e.g., session videos) will be removed. So, all you’ll see are the branded visuals and modular blocks ready to upload event-specific content for the event you’re working on now.

Here are two practical examples of how our customers have saved time and achieved greater consistency by using Canvas page templates:

Enabling multiple business areas to run on-brand webinars

A customer that runs hundreds of webinars a year across all topics, which are managed by multiple teams within the business, used Jomablue to develop a webinar event page template. The Canvas page template outlines the exact position of the video-on-demand content, live stream broadcast, Q&A, related content downloads, and a quick survey. Not only does it make it easy for team members outside the events and marketing area to build and deliver a professional webinar experience—it means the organization’s customers know what to expect and feel connected and engaged with the brand regardless of who is delivering a particular webinar. 


Ensuring session pages are aligned and orderly across large events

Large industry and business events with an online component can include many speakers and concurrent streams delivered over multiple days—that’s a lot of content that needs to be presented on individual web pages. Instead of a free-for-all design approach that threatens to result in an untidy and confusing mix of page designs, Jomablue customers have used Canvas page templates to create a standard layout for sessions at complex events. This easy solution helps safeguard the look and feel of session pages across events, which boosts attendees’ confidence in the credibility of presenters and the event as a whole.  


Custom page designs are wonderful (and a valuable tool), but sometimes trying to nail a unique design or reinvent the same basic structure over and over again is clearly a waste of your time and resources. Canvas page templates let you access an effective layout—that can be pre-approved—so you can effortlessly create well-designed virtual event web pages.

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