Personalized questions reported in real time

Integrated reporting on event feedback

Professionally capture and share valuable customer insights with Jomablue surveys. Issued to customers during or after an event, Jomablue Surveys are a streamlined way to capture feedback on the success of an event, or capture information to enhance customer profiles.

Easily capture customer information, or post event feedback

Dynamic survey questions are based on an individual’s event journey

Easy survey creation inside Jomablue

Surveys can be sent directly to customers by email or text message

How it works

Step 1.
Create your survey

Capture post-event feedback by creating professional looking surveys inside Jomablue. Easy-to-use templates are fully customizable to suit your event objectives and branding. Questions are dynamic and can be set as General or Specific to a particular Session. Specific questions only when the relevant session has been attended.

Step 2.
Share the survey with attendees

Jomablue Event Surveys are sent as an email or SMS link. For ease of use, survey dispatch can be scheduled prior to event-day, to reach attendees the morning after an event. The professional looking survey is then quickly and easily completed on an attendees phone or computer.
Alternatively, Jomablue In-App Surveys are delivered to the Event App Feed upon Session Check-In and can be tailored to that specific session.

Step 3.
Survey reporting

Survey answers provide valuable event feedback, collect further information for a customer’s profile, and contribute to an attendee’s overall Engagement Score, generated at the end of the event.
To access the survey results, simply get in touch with Jomablue Customer Success Team who will provide you with a report.

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