Getting started in under 10 minutes

Your lead capture device at the event is part of a fully integrated system utilising the Jomablue Smart Badge. A simple tap of an attendee’s badge will unlock that person as a lead and allow you to send them emails, add notes, and add any profiling tags to their profile.

Key Benefits

  • Instantly distribute emails to leads
  • Quickly add your own custom profiling tags to leads
  • Review your lead history at any time from the device
  • Add your own notes to aid your follow-up process
  • Export leads at any time during the event
  • Real-time sync across multiple lead devices
  • Onsite team to support you.

What to do before the event

As an exhibitor or sponsor onsite you may be provided with a private URL to access your lead capture portal. Here, you can create and edit email templates which are then accessible on the lead capture device you receive onsite. When a lead is captured at the event you have the option to immediately send an email with your information to the lead.

You can visit your portal at any time before or during the event to create or edit your email templates. We recommend creating them beforehand to ensure maximum distribution onsite!