Build anticipation and sustained attention

Jomablue_line_icons_EU Compliant

Targeted messaging, delivered well

Segment audiences, and control when and how messages are received for maximum effect.

Jomablue_line_iconsi_Flexible and scalable

Refine customer personas

Enrich CRM profiles with accurate data about people's behavior to tailor future interactions.

Jomablue_line_icons_Vibrant branding tools

Vibrant and consistent branding

Consistently convey your identity with branded communications and interfaces.


Focus on quality leads for follow-up

Find people inclined to act. Use knowledge of attendees’ true interests to spark deeper conversations.

Branding solutions

Alluring event marketing in a fraction of the time

  • Make events desirable and booking easy with registration campaigns and flexible ticketing options.
  • Send relevant messages automatically via email and SMS—activated by event interactions.
  • Save time with design templates and reusable branding.
Predict their needs

Understand and personalize audience engagement

  • Customize registration fields to purposefully collect data you can use to empower sales and events teams.
  • Improve your customer data based on attendees’ specific interactions and topic and content choices.
  • Benefit from Jomablue’s exclusive Attendee Engagement Scoring: distinguish the intrigued from the inattentive.
Continue the conversation

Audience conversion and long-lasting impact

  • Embrace data-driven marketing with insights from actual audience behaviors and interactions.
  • Connect with audiences far beyond show-day with campaigns aligned perfectly to people’s interests.
  • Use the Jomablue Connector to feed customer data into modern BI systems.

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