Session Attendance Management

Measure engagement. Support informed operational decisions

Instant reporting on people flow across an event

Track session attendance in real-time, including when people enter and exit sessions, to facilitate room management.

 Effectively manage flows of people across multiple rooms and venues

Measure popularity of topics and speakers in real-time

Evolve future-event agendas based on session attendance

Understand attendee’s areas of interest based on session choice

How it works

Step 1.
Receive a Smart Badge

A Jomablue Smart Badge is issued during Event Check-in. This innovative technology captures, stores and shares information about how attendees engage during an event.

Step 2.
Tap attendee’s Smart Badge as they enter a Session

Trained staff welcome and tap an attendee’s Smart Badge as they enter the room, capturing information about exactly who and how many people attend that Session.

Step 3.
Session Check-in data enhances operational decisions

The Event Dashboard summarizes the behaviour of attendees across an event, in real-time. Room management, session start times and speaker popularity can all be assessed based on how many people enter each Session.

Step 4.
Gain valuable customer insight

Reports showing which sessions an attendee visits also provides event organizers with information about their individual motivations and interests. For this reason Session Attendance Management is a valuable contributor to an attendee’s overall Engagement Score, used during post-event communications to identify highly engaged attendees, or those with predefined interests.

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