Take control of room management

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Fill the room

Keep an eye on room capacity with a real-time count of attendance.

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Celebrate success

Access verifiable data showing how many people attended each session.


Agenda management

Share real-time agenda and session information on attendee's mobile or laptop.


Manage CPD/E credits

Instant reporting on credit completion with session check-in and check-out data.

Session Check-in and Check-out

  • Every arrival is greeted in person and welcomed to the session.
  • As attendees enter or leave a session someone taps their Jomablue Smart Badge.
  • Mobile devices record the number of people in attendance.
  • Manage session entry by registration ticket type or customer category.
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Share session content

  • Automated actions can follow session check-in or check-out.
  • SMS a welcome message to new arrivals automatically triggered by event check-in.
  • Share session slides the moment an attendee enters a presentation room.
  • Put relevant and timely information in attendees’ hands to keep them engaged, and feeling valued.
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Real-time data

  • Embrace data-driven insights from actual audience behaviors and interactions.
  • Know which attendees attended which sessions.
    Use this data to send follow-up information that matches their session topic choices.
  • Identify hot leads that engage with digital session content.
  • Support contact tracing compliance measures by knowing who was in the room and when.


How does Jomablue’s Session Management tools help event organizers?

Knowing how many people are in a session room helps with operational decisions about when to start or delay a session, helps manage stakeholders who are interested in attendance numbers, and discreetly restricts entry to sessions that depend on ticket type.

How does this feature support COVID-Safe activity?

Session Check-in uses mobile device technology to tap an attendees Smart Badge and can be done from a safe distance away. It has very low contact. The data gathered can be used to monitor room capacity, or help with contact tracing to identity ‘close’ vs ‘casual’ contacts. The built-in marketing automation tools can quickly message only those impacted with their relevant message.

How does this assist to comply with customer privacy laws?

Session Check-in is a great way to safeguard customer privacy by allowing customers to tap their name badge on the way into a restricted session. This replaces attendance lists that are outdated and unsafe.

How does Jomablue help with CPD/E reporting?

Pre-defined activity is allocated CPD points before an event. As attendees enter sessions and workshops, Session Check-in data is held in Jomablue. After the event, organisers receive a report showing professional credits earned for each attendee.

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