Release Summary – January 2022

Our latest release includes exciting new features that will empower marketing and event professionals to create rich and engaging online experiences.

NEW: Canvas Page Templates

Choose if you want to build virtual event pages layouts quickly from a template or start with a blank canvas. You can even export pages from one event and upload them to new events. This feature saves time building pages and enables consistent presentation across similar events e.g. webinars and session pages.

  • Step 1: Select the page layout you want.
  • Step 2: Upload the selected template to your event.
  • Step 3: Pages are ready to add event content.

NEW: Canvas Experience Ratings

At Jomablue we want to make the process of building virtual event pages as simple and effective as possible. 

  • Every time something is uploaded or configured in Jomablue the experience is automatically analyzed for completeness and accuracy.
  • If page configuration is incomplete, or settings are incorrect a built-in warning will appear alerting you that something needs attention.
  • The alert is accompanied by a solution field so you can quickly and easily address any concerns.

NEW: Additional reporting available for virtual events.

New reports include:

  • Page Views
  • Live Reaction clicks
  • Quick Survey results
  • Live Chat participation¬†
  • Ad Block clicks
  • Clicks on links to other pages

NEW: Select a wide-format presentation for header images. This setting extends images to the edge of a virtual event page and is dynamically scaled for different device types.

CHANGED: Mobile number area codes are supported by small flags. Organizers can control the order that country codes appear so the local areas are at the top.

CHANGED: Enjoy greater creative control by setting h1-h6 font styles in WYSIWYG content.

To find out more about how these great new features can power your next event, speak to our experts.