It’s been another transformative month at Jomablue. We have released a raft of new features that will change the face of virtual presentations for event organizers and AV teams. Check out the highlights from this month’s release below.

NEW: Jomablue Live Stream

We are excited to announce our new Live Stream features crafted to suit the industry-specific needs of AV and events professionals. Customers can opt for our built-in solution or continue to work with one of our existing streaming providers. 

One-click login for virtual events

Attendees can now arrive at log-in pages with their details pre-filled.

Simulated Live Stream Preview

Preview presentations as they will appear on event day.

Ability to delete a Canvas page from an event site

IMPROVED: Reporting on Video Table attendance.

IMPROVED: New capability to search for people using an email address.


For more information about how Jomablue can help deliver virtual experiences to your audience, speak to our experts.

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