Release Summary – February 2022

It’s been another transformative month at Jomablue. We have released a raft of new features that will change the face of virtual presentations for event organizers and AV teams. Check out the highlights from this month’s release below.

NEW: Jomablue Live Stream

We are excited to announce our new Live Stream features crafted to suit the industry-specific needs of AV and events professionals. Customers can opt for our built-in solution or continue to work with one of our existing streaming providers. 

  • One-click live stream setup – AV Teams will love our powerful streaming features, designed to make their job easy.
  • Live with no limits – Our streaming solution is safe and reliable even on a very large scale. Are you hosting hundreds of sessions with thousands of viewers at each? Jomablue Live stream has no capacity limitations and does not compromise on experience during peak activity. 
  • Reliable and resilient to outages, thanks to the use of multiple CDNs.

One-click login for virtual events

Attendees can now arrive at log-in pages with their details pre-filled.

  • Enables a quick and easy log-in experience. Attendees get to the action faster.
  • An email link sends attendees to the event log-in page. Their details are already pre-filled using their registration data.
  • Attendees simply review their details and click ‘submit’ to receive their OPT verification code.

Simulated Live Stream Preview

Preview presentations as they will appear on event day.

  • Upload pre-recorded video content and schedule it to stream from Jomablue as though it is live.
  • Use as a pre-flight check to experience how content will stream on event day.

Ability to delete a Canvas page from an event site

IMPROVED: Reporting on Video Table attendance.

IMPROVED: New capability to search for people using an email address.


For more information about how Jomablue can help deliver virtual experiences to your audience, speak to our experts.

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