Release summary – July 2021

Propel your virtual events to the frontier of best practice digital experiences through superior design and interactivity. Explore our latest release to find out how.

NEW: Jomablue Broadcast

Make live streaming easy with this built-in Broadcast feature.

  • All you need is an Internet connection, camera, and audio capabilities.
  • Allow up to 16 hosts to present live content with no software to download.
  • Audience members can join the Broadcast to ask questions or join panel discussions.

NEW: Simulated Live

Flawless presentations that appear live streamed.

  • Edit recordings before uploading presentations into Jomablue.
  • Reduce risks from presenting in a live environment.
  • Pre-schedule session content to run at the right time and it will appear to attendees like it is live.

NEW: Even more video on demand options

  • Choose where you host video on demand content presented on Jomablue.
  • Choose to leverage existing relationships including the addition of 5Stream.
  • Gather detailed audience engagement data from on demand content.

NEW: Community login page design control

  • Customize the design and layout of the login page for virtual events.
  • First impressions count – include brand creative that will delight attendees at every click.
  • Quick and easy attendee login takes viewers to the action quickly and securely.

NEW: Branding control for top of page design

  • Page Names e.g. “Lobby, Agenda, Sessions” etc, appear at the top of each page in Community.
  • Administrators can set Page Name to be visible or hidden.
  • Page heading space can now be used for brand elements in place of text.

IMPROVED: Colour and Theming control

  • Highlight key attributes of each session in an agenda listing using coloured flags.
  • Attendees can more easily find sessions of interest with improved topic groups.

IMPROVED: Improved experience for Agendas

  • Improved responsive presentation of the Agenda page for different device types.
  • Improved accessibility when selecting Agenda Filters using a desktop device.
  • Highlight Agenda Listings when moving the cursor over days/dates.

IMPROVED: File Import/Exports

  • Improved handling of File Import/Export Process.
  • Continue working on other aspects of the event whilst reports generate or upload in the background
  • Come back at a time that suits you and your import/export will be ready and waiting for you.

NEW: Images can now be added to virtual event pages using a dedicated Image Block.

NEW: Add Instagram details to Community profiles

IMPROVED: Community interaction reporting

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