Modern consumers can be hard to impress. Seemingly immune to even the most flamboyant attempts to capture their attention, they can leave event organizers at a loss as to how to engage with hundreds or even thousands of individual attendees.

Creating personalized experiences is a proven way to capture a customer’s attention. But how can personalization successfully transition from the digital world to a live-event environment? Jomablue Event Intelligence has the answer. By capturing data and measuring behaviour, Jomablue learns about the unique needs of every attendee, thus enabling personalization opportunities that otherwise would not be possible. Here’s how.

#1 Personalize Registration

During event Registration, organizers have a great opportunity to explore the unique relationships customers have with their businesses and to capture quality data that will enhance their ability to personalize experiences throughout the event, by:

  • creating individual registration pages for different market segments, reflecting their previous experiences with the brand
  • using coupons to personalize an ‘Invitation to Register’ campaign and then tracking coupon redemption to identify the customer segments most interested in attending the event
  • utilizing custom fields to capture the information they need, to enhance attendee profiles and better personalize their event journey, e.g. including custom questions such as ‘What topics interest you?’ or by asking for a ‘Job Category’ to be selected from a list. This enables organizers to capture information about which types of content are most relevant for their needs.

#2 Personalize Event Check-In

Jomablue is famous for its unique Event Check-In experience. Why? We believe that event attendees deserve a personal arrival experience and that organizers benefit from making a spectacular first impression. We do this by:

  • meeting each arrival in person and greeting them by name
  • removing arrival queues and wait times for checking in and receiving a name badge
  • creating a paperless, seamless Check-In process
  • allocating personalized name badges and coloured lanyards, to identify key customer groups
  • receiving SMS notifications when VIPs arrive, to ensure they are quickly welcomed by their account managers.

#3 Use a cutting-edge Event App

An Event App is a great way to extend your event digitally, allowing you to share up-to-date, personalized content with attendees, directly through their mobile phones. Jomablue Mobile Event Apps utilize event intelligence to offer a highly personalized experience that includes:

  • viewing personalized agendas, based on an attendee’s session choices
  • monitoring a unique feed of information that provides commentary on the event, based on an attendee’s individual event journey
  • receiving intelligent networking suggestions, based on how that attendee interacts during the event
  • accessing relevant content about sessions and speakers.

#4 Share personalized content

Compelling content is a proven method for capturing the attention of prospective customers, by providing valuable information that solves their business problems. Jomablue enhances the ability to share personalized content by:

  • supporting attendees individual interests through the sessions they choose to attend. Session Check-In Mail is sent by email or SMS when attendees check into a session, providing further information to support session content
  • sharing optional related content following a session. This will identify highly engaged attendees, or those interested in a niche product or service
  • Providing Touchpoint stations, set up around the event site. Attendees can choose to download content, or not, depending on their personal interests.

#5 Continue personalization after the lights go out

After the excitement of event day, post-event experiences can be just as memorable. Offering a personalized follow up will further enhance a customer’s experience and their overall positive impression.

  • Jomablue post-event survey questions are personalized; attendees are only asked to rate the sessions they attended
  • Post event follow-up calls can also be highly personalized. Choices made by attendees during an event empower salespeople with information they know is of interest to a particular prospect.   This high level of personalization keeps the call targeted and relevant, capturing attention and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

A customer’s experience is the sum of many parts

To make this process valuable for event organizers and to keep work to a minimum, a single integrated solution is essential. Jomablue captures customer data during registration and then builds on that customer’s profile, based on their many interactions with you during the event. Insights and reporting can then be instantly accessed from the same platform, removing the need for time-consuming data manipulation. This will not only ensure attendees have a personalized and positive experience but also that event organizers do too.

If you are ready to transform your event into a truly personalized experience, contact the Jomablue team for more information.