Each month the Jomablue product team work towards a series of updates and improvements to the Jomablue platform. Sometimes these are brand new features, sometimes valuable changes to existing features, focused on improving the functionality or usability of one aspect of Jomablue. This month’s updates focus on our ordering and ticketing processes, ready for a big release coming next month – so stay tuned. In the meantime, full details of what we got up to during October are below.

  • Add free text comments to paid orders, allowing a more complete history of an order
  • Marketing campaign tracking parameters are now visible on individual paid registration orders
  • Improved messaging of next action after successful paid order checkout to support more purchase-to-registration conversions
  • Failed transactions for orders are now excluded from the product inventory counts
  • Contact information for an order is visible in support requests
  • Quickly manage the codes printed on Smart Badges when linked to people categories
  • Improved click-to-copy functionality within support requests for easier use with other systems
  • Improved usability of Event App on legacy browsers