Faster. More sophisticated. More personalized.

This month, we are celebrating some exciting enhancements to the Jomablue event experience platform. Keep reading to find out more about groundbreaking changes to Event App agendas, more dynamic paid registration capability, and improvements to the already transformative Event Kit experience. 


More than a decade of enhancing event experiences for organizers and attendees has shown us  that the agenda is the single most important event communication. Events apps have transformed our ability to create dynamic, comprehensive event agendas and the October release drives this functionality to exciting new levels.

Menu header

Event branding can now be included on the menu page of the Event App, giving creative continuity and creating a professional impression when users access the app. The net result? Another way to add credibility to your event communications.

Session promotion

Highlight a sponsor, key speaker or session in your event app agenda with this sophisticated configuration feature. Add a headshot, logo or text to a specific session to draw more attention to that listing. This is a great option to add value for sponsors or to drive session attendance.

My Agenda

In the Agenda, users simply check the boxes next to the sessions they wish to attend. Their personalized ‘My Agenda’ updates with the specific information relating to those sessions. This highly personalized capability removes unnecessary noise and enables attendees to focus on, and fully comprehend, the information they need with far fewer distractions.


Get started with paid event registration in a little as one hour, thanks to the groundbreaking advancements in the Jomablue Registration onboarding journey. By partnering with Stripe, considered as one of the industry leaders in online payments,  who provide approval-free payment services for the first $250,000, organizers simply complete an online form and are ready to receive payments straight away. Once this limit is reached organizers follow additional approval steps, however registration pages are already open with payments flowing in.

Braintree is still supported, this adaptation is to offer customers choice, especially where a payment gateway is already being used.  Chat to your Account Manager about which solution is right for your business. 


Jomablue Event Kit is one of the most transformative releases we have made in the past year, enabling organizers to access Jomablue and  create the same impressive arrival experience, regardless of the size or style of event.  Now, access can be granted to users specifically for Jomablue Lite, the power behind the Event Kit experience. Read this article to learn how Event Kit can extend the benefits of Jomablue’s unique event intelligence well beyond your flagship event.

Ready to transform your experiences and capture event intelligence at every touch point? Contact us for for a demonstration.