Segment your audience and personalize event communications with Jomablue’s expanded Trigger Marketing tools

This month sees the launch of further enhancements to Jomablue’s Tigger Marketing capability,  allowing you to create highly segmented and personalized email campaigns, triggered by event registration. Segment your audience by customer category, the site where they registered, and whether or not they have arrived on site. Use professional templates to personalize messages for each customer’s unique journey. 

Keep reading to find out more and learn about other exciting features and improvements available in the November release.

  • Manage the default email sent when someone registers
    A new Trigger Campaign feature now gives users the option to send either a default event registration communication or set up custom emails and SMS campaigns.
  • Send custom emails or SMS upon event registration
    You can now set up one or more custom emails or SMS, triggered when someone registers for an event depending on their customer category or registration method. Email creative is fully customizable and built-in templates ensure emails are professional and on brand.
  • Inferred Sessions now uses a minimum stay percentage to determine attendance
    Using Session Check-in and Session Check-out of back-to-back sessions, organizers can now set the percentage of time an attendee must be in a session before they are credited with having attended it. 
  • Save time by copying custom fields from previous events
    Drive corporate standards across your organization while setting up a new event with standard fields quickly copied from a previous event. 
  • Deeper personalization and richer insights from new Touchpoint content delivery
    Jomablue Touchpoints integrates with exhibition and event activations to seamlessly distribute content to attendees and add vibrancy to an event. New Touchpoint configuration capability customizes this feature to drive uptake and uncover valuable attendee insights.

Other changes and improvements:

  • Copy Smart Badge Layouts from previous events to save time and enhance consistency, provided all custom fields used in the source event exist in the destination event. If not, a warning is displayed and you may not continue. 
  • Use the new Campaign Filter of ‘Limit by product referring site’ to create highly customizable email or SMS campaigns.  Filter a campaign to target everyone that purchased through a particular site.
  • Deliver customizable professional emails more quickly with a new default email template for post registration communications.
  • Intelligent Networking users have more control over their personal data with new settings in the Event App. A Revoke All option empowers users to remove all connections and make themselves undiscoverable in Networking, all with a single press of a button. 
  • Events within the Event App are now separated into two tabs:  Upcoming and Past events. If only one event exists in the Event App, these tabs will not be displayed. Upcoming events are sorted chronologically; Past events are sorted reverse chronologically, to help users quickly navigate to the event they need.
  • How Event Listings are displayed within the Event App home screen has evolved. Now a comprehensive list is presented with multiple events to choose from. This improvement is designed to make it easier for users to know what to do next. 

Jomablue is the leader in event intelligence. We empower top brands to transform event experiences into sales and marketing insights.

For more information about the November release contact the Jomablue team.