Supporting the undisputed power of professional networking


The power of a professional network is undisputed amongst business professionals. When we ask Jomablue customers “What more would you like to achieve during your events?”, again and again we hear “Enhanced professional networking opportunities for attendees”.

Utilizing groundbreaking technology to connect like-minded professionals, Jomablue has the answer. Jomablue Event Intelligence has wide-reaching and extremely exciting implications for creating personalized experiences through the Event App and beyond. Its latest application, Jomablue Intelligent Networking capability, learns about event attendees through their various interactions before and during an event and intelligently recommends potential networking connections.


What is it?

The new Intelligent Networking feature, which is completely integrated within the Jomablue Mobile Event App,  supports event attendees by intelligently suggesting relevant networking connections. Only people looking to network use this feature, so attendees can easily and reliably find, share profiles with and ultimately meet those also looking for networking opportunities.


How does it work?

When attendees log into the Event App, they can have the option to turn on Networking for an event. Jomablue then interprets information about each attendee and suggests meaningful network connections.

Step by step:

  1. Log into the Event App
  2. Open the Networking feature from the Event App menu
  3. Complete a network profile, select which contact details to share and create a short professional bio
  4. View Networking suggestions, displayed with a percentage Recommendation Score
  5. Send a personal message inside Networking and receive invitations to Connect
  6. Once both parties opt in, contact details are shared, enabling them to arrange a meeting place and time

The Networking capability is integrated with Jomablue’s full suite of customer solutions, is completely optional to use and is included with the add-on fee for using the Mobile Event App.

Recommendation Scores are based on behaviour information, gathered from Jomablue features such as Ticketing and Registration, Session Attendance Management and previous connections made while Networking. As attendees move through an event, Jomablue learns who they are compatible with, based on their unique interests, to reliably suggest meaningful connections.


Why does it matter?

Jomablue Networking functionality supports event organizers by providing additional benefits for attendees. Because this feature is completely integrated within the Event App, the experience is seamless for event organizers as well as attendees, with no requirement to access a separate platform that delivers unspecific networking recommendations based on limited information.


On its own, this is an exciting release that brings significant benefit to customers and event attendees. It is, however, just the beginning. Unlocking the ability to learn about attendees to make intelligent recommendations that benefit event organizers as well as attendees is another step in the exciting future for Jomablue event technology. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

To utilize Jomablue Event Intelligence for your next event, contact the Jomablue Team.