Events of today are more diverse and jam-packed with value than ever before. A lot of that comes down to event organizers using what they’ve learned about audiences’ love for virtual events to design new, hybrid experiences that blend live and digital elements. Mobile event apps are an incredibly useful tool for event managers in the quest to bring engagement features into every type of event. The best apps help audiences manage their own experiences via their personal smartphones—the height of convenience and flexibility.

What is a mobile event app and how do they improve an event experience?

Any event management software application that includes interfaces designed for use on mobile devices can be described as a mobile event app. Apps are used by event managers to provide public-facing avenues for attendee communication and engagement. 

Native or web-based app?

Many people associate the word ‘app’ with the need to download something to your smartphone. Apps downloaded from places like Google Play or Apple’s App Store are known as native apps. However, there are also web-based apps that are simply accessed via an internet browser (e.g., Chrome or Safari). 

Jomablue is a progressive web app, so you can use it to design mobile interactions without requiring your audience to install anything. That removes many technical barriers in the app development process. It also ensures attendees can access your specific event app via a single click from an email or text, log-in, and be ready to go on event day—regardless of the kind of phone or operating system they use.  

Are apps essential for great experiences? 

The immediacy and intimacy of any event experience is enhanced with the right mobile event app. Most people rarely leave home (or leave a room) without their smartphone: it’s how people prefer to find information, buy and book services, network and consume entertainment. So, experiences and messages delivered via mobiles are a no-brainer for making your next conference, business or networking event more engaging. 

Top 5 benefits of implementing an enterprise mobile event app

  1. Centralized processes and experiences: Apps made for enterprises, like Jomablue, let you centralize app design, attendee information, branding and marketing communication in one place. You can create secure and distinctive apps for events, without the need to rely on external providers—leading to faster and more standardized delivery. 
  2. Real-time communication with audiences: Mobile apps allow you to instantly share content and updates with your audiences that they can view on-the-go—whether its session information or other event messages. It’s also easier to communicate changes to the program and important arrival instructions that can evolve quickly. Any change made in the back-end of Jomablue by an event organizer is immediately reflected via the app interface your audience sees.
  3. Increased lifespan and value of content: Through dedicated online spaces designed for mobile users, you can share event content and resources before, during and after event-day. You can build anticipation by sharing the agenda via the app in advance, or provide long-term online access to event-day videos, notes and photos—conveniently viewable on mobile devices—helping to extend the life of your content and the enjoyment of your attendees. 
  4. Better interactivity and networking: Some of the best features of virtual events can be seamlessly integrated with live experiences using mobiles. For instance, collecting questions via the app for session Q&A, online chats to continue in-person discussions, and remote-friendly social catch-ups for people who can’t stick around at the end of the day.
  5. Grow partnerships with sponsors: Online spaces and real-time interactions driven by a mobile app gives you more opportunities to include and profile your sponsors, and generate revenue to support a stronger ROI. 

Powerful Jomablue mobile event app features

Jomablue’s platform is one of the most innovative and comprehensive for event managers who need to create user-friendly mobile apps. These are some of the powerful mobile event app features Jomablue offers:

Importantly, because Jomablue is an all-in-one solution for live, virtual and hybrid experiences, you can design and deliver apps from the same place you manage the rest of your event. That way, you don’t need to juggle multiple vendors and data is captured across the full spectrum of activities—making your events more measurable too. 

We know attendees like to engage in the digital space, which is why mobile app experiences for live events must now be considerably more sophisticated. This is only possible by using a hybrid event platform that streamlines event delivery and supports the best of both digital and live event experiences. 


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