Creating personalized experiences is always top of mind at Jomablue. Every individual has different motivations during an event and enabling experiences that directly meet those needs, transforms an event experience for attendees.

The latest release supports a number of exciting new ways to personalize each attendee’s event journey.  For example, customized agendas within the Mobile Event App, control over privacy settings and a brand new Networking feature that learns about an attendee as they move through their event journey and intelligently recommend meaningful networking opportunities for them.

Back end users also benefit from added features, including built-in User Guides and other new efficiencies. It’s a big list, so please see below for all our updates from the past month.


Mobile Event App:

  • New Intelligent Networking, that is able to learn about event attendees through their various interactions at an event and intelligently recommend meaningful networking opportunities for them.
  • Session descriptions and Speaker listings will be hidden from view, when they are not relevant to that attendee. Previously an attendee would see the listing, with a note to say it is not available to them.
  • Speakers lists are now sorted by First Name.
  • Speakers can now be added without a profile image.
  • The Agenda heading can now be renamed to other descriptions e.g. Program, Itinerary, Schedule.
  • Agendas can now be filtered by the location each session occurs in.
  • The Agenda will automatically ‘jump to now’ during the event and indicate which Sessions are ‘on now’.
  • Event attendees using the Event App can now edit their profile settings and privacy within the app.
  • Event App Settings  have been added as a  Jomablue menu option and allows back end users to upload artwork, format and preview app pages and preview their Event Icon.
  • Basic HTML is now supported in the design of Session and Vendor pages, as well as for Speaker descriptions.
  • The Event App main menu can be reordered, or left in its default sequence – Home, Feed, Agenda, Vendors, Speakers, Custom Pages, Logout.


Paid Registration:

  • Registration Confirmation emails now include details of what is included in the purchase. This is useful when someone  – such as a PA or Team Leader, has registered on behalf of a group. Customers can now see what is included with their booking.
  • You can now import a list of people into Jomablue that are registered for a particular closed session as a CSV file.
  • New Tax allocation check boxes exist, to easily and accurately allocate Tax to Items e.g. Australian GST or Special Tax.
  • Booking adjustment fees – most commonly cancellation fees – can now have GST add if relevant.
  • Improved functionality when paying for an admin or Pay by Invoice order. Previously if your credit card failed, you would be blocked and the order would get stuck in a Failed state. You can now return an infinite number of times.
  • When creating admin orders, there is now a country selector. This ensures Braintree doesn’t fail transactions based on the billing country – as it expected a two digit country code.
  • Registration Reports now include order Status (registered or unregistered) and Registered to company (the company attached to each profile).
  • Item Allocation Report now displays the transaction status of the order so that failed transactions can be filtered out.
  • On the Orders page, widget labels have been updated to be more meaningful, with help articles to explain each widget e.g. Orders Awaiting Payment, Orders Today/This Week, Products Ordered/Registered and Gross Sales.
  • Item inventory can now be created and self-managed inside Jomablue.



  • You can now create Custom Fields that begin with numbers, letters or hyphens across Jomablue. Previously only  letters were supported, now reference numbers can be included for enhanced reporting capability.
  • Event Settings now includes a privacy setting that will remove mobile numbers from vendor lead export. The default setting is to include them, unless this privacy setting is activated.
  • Large email campaigns have a 30% speed gain while sending.
  • When running a CSV download report, a check-box has been created so imports can include data, where the category type is unassigned.


To find out more about any of these new features and releases, contact the Jomablue Team.