First impressions are the most lasting

Extensive research leaves no question that the first impression you make at your event is the most lasting. It seems a shame that the tedium of event registration and check-in is first in terms of event sequence. This is particularly problematic when the opening moments of your event consist of check-in lines, data issues, and impersonal experiences. Not exactly the strong brand impression businesses hope for.

Jomablue are experts at creating memorable, personal, streamlined arrival experiences and below we share some tips on how to create an impactful first impression for your event.

1. Create a quick and streamlined Check-in process.

Throw away the paper registration lists, pre-printed name badges, and long lines of bored customers trying to access your event. Utilizing leading event intelligence technology Jomablue Event Check-in takes just 3 seconds from the moment an e-Ticket is scanned to when arrivals have a Smart Badge in their hand ready to explore the event. Guest are used to a cumbersome check-in experience, so surpassing these expectations is an excellent way to impress them from the moment they arrive.

2. Greet each new arrival in person.

Would you be surprised to hear that even for events welcoming tens-of-thousands of people it is possible to greet each individual personally, by name? Would it surprise you to learn that advance mobile technology makes that possible? Amazing isn’t it. Jomablue’s award-winning Check-in experience enables staff to welcome every guest, using technology to facilitate human interaction, instead of hindering it.

3. Provide VIP treatment for special guests.

Even with an impressive arrival experience for all your guests, we understand that some attendees need to be greeted by someone they know as soon as possible. VIP arrival messaging enables SMS messages to be sent to relevant stakeholders the moment a guest arrives. For example, when the CEO of a key account checks in, an SMS notification is automatically sent to their account manager. Sales teams will thank you for the heads up and customers will continue to experience an impressive welcome to your event.

4. Preempt exactly what a customer needs to know, the moment they need it.

Once customers get onsite there is a number of key pieces of information they need to obtain fairly quickly. For example, where their first Session room is located, who the Keynote Speakers will be, where to get a coffee. Trigger marketing capability in Jomablue enables event organizers to present exactly the information an attendee needs, the moment they need it. Checking in with an e-Ticket triggers an SMS to present all the information they need. For example SMS a link to the Mobile Event App that opens with a single click and shows them where they need to go. ‘Jump-to-now’ agendas inside the app update so attendees don’t need to remember which Session is first, as event activity is presented to them in real time. Then, once they check into their first Session an SMS message arrives with a link to the presentation notes, or workbook. 

Jomablue event intelligence enables your event to achieve a highly personalized and impactful experience by delivering the right information, to the right person, at exactly the right time.

5. Share relevant event content that meets customers individual needs.

Creating a highly personalized experience for guests will make them feel like the business is focused on solving their individual business problems. We know this highly personalized experience builds positive brand associations, trust, and increase the likelihood of conversion. Session Attendance Management, Related Content, and Touchpoints are all effective strategies for getting relevant content to those who need it and thereby dramatically improving their experience.

To utilize Jomablue event intelligence to elevate the experiences during your next event contact the Jomablue Team.