Live stream without limits

live stream software

Built-in streaming

Control live streams from the same place you design and deliver other event experiences.

live stream software

Live in an instant

Simplified streaming workflows make set-up fast, supported by a handy preview feature.

live stream software

Limitless reach

Effortlessly scales to meet your traffic volume, from 10 - 100,000+ viewers.

live stream software

Powerful analytics

Know how audiences interact with your sessions so you can measure and improve performance.

live stream software

Stream with ease

  • Save time by using the same stream for multiple sessions throughout an event.
  • A simple workflow ensures a live stream appears where and when it needs to.
  • Powerful enough to manage hundreds of simultaneous streams.
live stream software

Technically superior

  • Our global, multi-vendor CDN means streams will reach your audiences, regardless of their location.
  • Multi-bitrate streaming gives viewers a crisp image no matter their internet speed.
  • Overcome limitations of third-party services to host an unlimited number of streams, viewers, and channels.

Enliven any experience

  • Share experiences in real-time to expand engagement, with one platform that supports quality streams to any device type.
  • Professionally live-stream conferences, webinars, summits, and flagship events.
  • Engage employees and remote teams via live online access to courses, onboarding, meetings, or celebrations.
The future of video

Purpose built for event professionals

  • We know the quality of your live stream affects the overall event experience. We elegantly handle onsite connection issues to provide a better viewing experience for attendees.
  • The convenient floating Picture-in-Picture (PiP) video player allows attendees to navigate around while continuing to watch the stream.
live stream software
Share the moment

Leading the industry in power and performance

  • Leverage existing security protocols like OTPs, secure pages, and controlled access based on attendee category. 
  • Expand your event reach without a hitch: seamlessly stream content to global audiences of any size and location. 
live stream software


What happens if the onsite internet connection drops out during a live stream?

In the instance that the onsite internet connection goes down for a few seconds a viewer will see an animated spinner. Then when they come back online the stream automatically recovers and continues with the live stream.

How do I know what my live stream looks like for attendees?

Check on how your stream appears for attendees by using our Live Preview feature. Jomablue will generate a URL you can use to open the preview in a new window.

I am an AV provider and my clients are asking about virtual events. How can you help with that?

Jomabue is simple enough for your clients to create event pages themselves. Or, for more complex events, ou professional delivery team can work directly with your clients.

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