Lead Capture

Engage attendees, Improve sponsor ROI

Enriching personalized customer journeys with relevant content

Lead capture allows exhibitors to collect leads and instantly engage attendees with relevant content. Exhibitors can quickly add notes and profiling information to deliver effective post-event follow-up. This feature drives sales and creates happier, more satisfied exhibitors.

Sponsors and exhibitors:

Enable sales teams to collect and follow-up leads instantly

Upload lead and prospect information into your CRM

Reduce post-event workload, entering data manually

Event Organisers:

Understand how your exhibitors are performing in real-time

Create additional revenue opportunities as part of your exhibitor package by renting lead capture devices

Understand customer motivation and engagement, based on who they meet

How it works

Step 1.
Exhibitors tap an attendee’s Smart Badge

Sponsors and Exhibitors use a Lead Capture device to tap an attendee’s Smart Badge during a conversation. This removes the need to ask for details or complete additional forms. Information stored in the Smart Badge is instantly shared with Exhibitors.

Step 2.
Exhibitors share relevant content with attendees

Exhibitors can then send relevant information to potential customers, enter them into a competition or included them in a marketing newsletter.

Event-day support is available via a handy Teleport feature, that Beams support crew directly to the exhibitors station.

Step 3.
Organizers view a customer’s journey to learn more about them

Information about which exhibitors an attendee visits also provides event organizers with information about their individual motivations and interests. For this reason, exhibitors visited is a valuable contributor to an attendees Engagement Score, generated at the end of an event.

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