Lead Capture FAQs

Getting started in under 10 minutes
Your lead capture device at the event is part of a fully integrated system utilising the Jomablue Smart Badge. A simple tap of an attendee’s badge will unlock that person as a lead and allow you to send them emails, add notes, and add any profiling tags to their profile.

Key Benefits

  • Instantly distribute emails to leads
  • Quickly add your own custom profiling tags to leads
  • Review your lead history at any time from the device
  • Add your own notes to aid your follow-up process
  • Export leads at any time during the event
  • Real-time sync across multiple lead devices
  • Onsite team to support you.

What to do before the event

As an exhibitor or sponsor onsite you may be provided with a private URL to access your lead capture portal. Here, you can create and edit email templates which are then accessible on the lead capture device you receive onsite. When a lead is captured at the event you have the option to immediately send an email with your information to the lead.

You can visit your portal at any time before or during the event to create or edit your email templates. We recommend creating them beforehand to ensure maximum distribution onsite!

Email templates setup

What alias do the emails come from?

All emails sent during the event will come from an event email address. for example, it might be nationalconference@event-email.io or conference@event-email.io

If you test an email template within the editor the test email will come from an email address of Acme Convention 2020 test-email@event-email.io which is just a test address.

You do not need to edit or make changes, the system will automatically update that address.

What are the ideal image sizes to use in the emails?

You can insert images at the top of your email templates in the body or in the footer.

If you are wanting to add a banner, we suggest an image that is 600px wide x no more than 400px high.

If you want to add a square aspect logo, we suggest not making it much bigger 450 x 450 px

How do I manage unsubscribes?
We suggest you provide your own means of managing unsubscribe requests so your business can track this. However, by default, there is an unsubscribe link inserted automatically at the bottom of all emails. If an attendee uses this link to unsubscribe, they will be unsubscribing from any further event-related communications. So, in short we will handle all event-related unsubscribe requests.
Can I customise the email with personalisation?
Yes. Including *PERSON_FIRST_NAME* anywhere within the body of the email will automatically convert to display the attendee’s first name when sending the email.
I have just updated my email template, now what?
If you’re not at the event yet, that’s it! But if you have a lead capture device in hand, from the menu on the device you can select “Refresh Details” and your email will be instantly available to send to leads.
How long have I got to design my email?
We understand you may need to get internal approvals. The portal is available now and during the event, you can return here at any time to update the email templates.
Is it possible to send an attachment?
Yes. When you setup an email template you can upload your attachment which is then shared as a link. Including an attachment is optional, however, providing content this way is a great means of reducing post-event follow-up and ensures useful content is distributed to valuable leads immediately.

Within the email editor, perform the following;

1 – Insert a button and give it a meaningful name
2 – While the button is in focus, within properties tab on the right-hand side, select link file
3 – Upload your file
4 – Press Insert

The button is now linked to the file, so as a user clicks on the button the document will open.

Here is an example;

How many email templates can I have?
As many as you like!

Yes, create as many email templates as you think are needed.

Testing your email templates

Once you’ve created a template email you can easily send yourself a test email.

While inside the email template editor:

  • Top left menu mouse over Actions
  • Select the entry Send test
  • Enter an email address for the test email and press send.

The test email will come from the following address
[TEST] Acme Convention 2020 <test-email@event-email.io>

Don’t worry, your email during the event will come from the event email address and not from the Acme Convention 2020.

Add profiling tags to leads

What are Tags and how do I use them?
The more information you have about a lead, the better your post-event follow-up process will be.

When you receive your lead capture device at the event, we will train you on how you can setup your own profile tags. The tags will allow you to add custom attributes to each lead when you capture them. For example, you may wish to setup tags that identify ‘hot’, ‘warm’, and ‘cold’ leads. Alternatively, you may wish to add tags based on a particular product offering; ‘Product A’, ‘Product B’.

Onsite at the event

When will I receive my lead capture device?
Prior to the opening of the event you will be able to collect your lead capture device onsite within the event space. This is typically done within the actual exhibition itself.
How do we get trained on the device?
When you or your onsite team members receive the device at the start of the event, our onsite team will teach them how to use it. Trust us, it’s easy and requires no more than 2 minutes.

After the event

I have more than one lead capture device do I get two lead lists?
Each exhibitor/sponsor will be assigned one profile. This profile will operate on all devices allocated to that exhibitor. Content you enter (e.g. Tags) and leads you collect on one device is automatically synced via the Internet to the other device.

At the time of export, you will receive one file that contains the leads collected from any device set to that profile.

Will I know what email was sent to what lead?
Yes the lead capture export (csv) will contain a column for every email template you have and the timestamp of when you sent the attendee the email.
What data do I get and what format?
When you receive your lead file, the below fields will be provided within a .csv file;

First Name
Last Name
Job Title
Mobile number
Twitter Handle
Date created
Date updated
EMAIL:email template name
EMAIL:email template name
TAG: your tag
TAG: your tag

The information provided may not be complete. For example, if the attendee didn’t provide a LinkedIn profile address then it will not appear within the file. We provide all information provided by the individual.

The file has a column for each field, including any email templates or tags you may have created. A time stamp appears in the Email column to indicate if and when an email was sent to an attendee.

How can I access the lead information?
Select ‘Export leads’ on your Lead Capture device, enter your email address and a live link to the leads file (.csv) will be sent instantly.

You only need to send this link once. Use this same link at anytime to view an updated list of all the leads you have captured at the event.

The download link for your leads is live for two weeks after the event finishes. Make sure to download your leads .csv within this period.

What if an attendee responds to my email?
The response will bounce, as the event alias email is not an incoming inbox. We suggest you add contact details to your email template so attendees know how to reach you.