June was a busy month for the product team with many exciting enhancements that offer wide-reaching benefits for event organizers. Keep an eye on the Jomablue blog for full new-product launch details, or keep reading for a summary of June’s product updates and releases.

Jomablue Updates:

  • Managing multiple events just got easier. The events listing has been redesigned to accommodate a large number of events. We introduced a search to make finding an event quicker, and divided the event lists into Past Events and Upcoming events as well as breaking them down by month. 
  • Additional checks have been created, to ensure customer success when users load CSV data files into Jomablue. Additional controls using the import wizard guide customers towards better data imports. If a user makes the common error of backspacing columns instead of deleting them in excel, they will now be presented with a warning as the columns will be detected as duplicates.
  • Improved support for long email addresses in the Order Detail screen.
  • Prevent a user from accidentally copying a link to a cancelled product. 
  • Providing additional text guiding users of the People Search field.
  • Improved support for longer Product names.
  • Jomablue admins can now create and rename Smart Badge Printer groups e.g. to describe their location on Pod 2 for example.
  • Jomablue admins can now reinstate disabled user accounts if required.
  • When a user attempts to import People using the import tool and fails to add a category assignment, the people will be added to a default category. The selection of the default category can be done from within the categories tab of Jomablue.
  • Easily manage events with many Vendors with a new filterable and exportable Vendor list to easily answer questions such as “which Vendors are missing a logo”.
  • Jomablue users can now send marketing campaigns to categories of people. Full support for custom field merge tags, fallback text and large sends. This could be used to inform people about the event, such as “What you need to know” that isn’t a pre-built transactional email or SMS (such as e Ticket). 
  • Within the Person Detail screen Jomablue users can now opt a person out of receiving SMS, see how the person record was created, and if that person has been sent a e-Ticket SMS or Email.

Session Check-in:

  • Jomablue users can now enable ‘override mode’ for Session Check-in remotely from within Jomablue. This will allow door ushers to override denied entry to Restricted Sessions.


  • All Jomablue users now have access to create/update/edit surveys (was previously only admins).

Registration Specific:

  • For paid registration users, the event ID’s are now listed, allowing easier reconciliation to Braintree. Manual reporting no longer required for this task.
  • Jomablue now has support for 100% free coupons and management of free registrations within the same Jomablue portal.
  • Online Store visitors now have a streamlined experience when attempting to purchase an addon that has been offered to them. Visitors are warned if an item has sold out prior to entering all their billing details (previously would warn after all the billing details are entered).
  • Using the import tool, users can now bulk change the status of a Person, from Registered to Cancelled and vice versa. This allows users to bulk cancel records if cancellations are recorded outside of Jomablue registration.
  • Improved support to copy/reuse external links for Sites. Duplication functionality makes it quick to reuse previous links or the user can easily enter new links.
  • A brand new Manual Payment report exists for Paid Registration. This report is accessible for everyone with finance user role and can be used to lookup outstanding “pay by invoice” orders, as well as all the paid EFT orders – allowing for reconciliation to the customer’s bank account. Attendees are asked to use their “order ID” when making EFT transactions – which is included in the report, making reconciliation easy.
  • Smart Badge print design can be configured within Jomablue.

Event App Specific:

  • Added “Event App” tab to insights. This provides breakdowns of the Event App usage, including unique device counts, device types and popular pages. These charts are real time and available immediately in insights.
  • You can now click on a Speaker listed in Session Detail and be taken to that speakers profile.
  • Event App pages now includes a WYSIWYG editor that includes an image upload tool. This makes it easy for the user to set Bold, Font sizes, line breaks and more without writing HTML code. This allows users to easily customise Event App pages.
  • Implemented Tinymce design editor to Event App Announcements, Vendor Descriptions, Session Descriptions, registration confirmation.
  • All Jomablue users can now access the Event App custom pages.
  • If no Vendor description is provided the app displays nothing instead of “Description Unavailable”.
  • Vendor Groups (the order and grouping of Vendors in the Event App) is now done from a single, easy drag and drop interface. Previously you would have to enter each Vendor detail to select the group. Now you can also see how it will be presented in the Event App.
  • Improve how category selection is displayed and used for restricted sessions. It is now much easier/cleaner to select which categories are entitled to attend a restricted session.
  • Jomablue users can now influence the Intelligent Networking algorithms by entering values against custom fields. This allows organisers to influence the connection of more like minded people.

To find out more about any of these new features and releases, contact the Jomablue Team.