During July we enhanced usability within the event app and the event portal, based on the feedback we have received from customers. Password reset functionality, additional campaign tracking parameters and addition of exhibitor fields, join the existing range of functions in the event app this month.


  • Ability for Jomablue admin users to create new user accounts within Jomablue
  • Ability to trigger an email to set a new password for new users
  • Ability for a user to reset their password from the Jomablue login page
  • Ability to monitor campaigns for eDM and SMS within Jomablue
  • Added a total exhibitor count and a list of recently added exhibitors to the vendor page in Jomablue
  • Ability to provide exhibitors with additional custom field information in their leads export
  • Ability to accept campaign tracking parameters for both free and paid event registrations
  • Ability to store registration source information against a person’s record
  • Ability to report and display performance of registration campaigns within Jomablue Insights