Design Services

Jomablue Studio

Using Jomablue for your next event? Let our design team & product experts extend your brand across the Jomablue platform. From Virtual Events, Event Apps to Name Badge & Smart Badge design and Event Communications, Jomablue design services help bring your event to life.

Available for customers on an Enterprise Plan or purchased as an add-on service package.

What is the process of working with our design team?

Creating Virtual Experiences

Whether it’s delivering webinars, live streaming conferences for online audiences, or building an online community to deliver on-demand content, crafting a virtual experience that extends and celebrates your brand is key to engaging users. Our design team can help to:

  • Design a branded welcome Lobby page when users login
  • Provide custom assets to build engaging virtual session rooms and exhibitor booths
  • Include custom graphics that incorporate interactivity features 

Event App Design

Provide an Event App that extends your brand digitally, whilst keeping attendees informed and engaged across the event journey. The Jomablue Event App comes with intuitive page designs and customisable branding opportunities. Our team will support you to deliver:

  • Customisable Login page
  • Branded menu & page header images
  • Page layouts for Sponsors & Exhibitors
  • Networking page for attendees

Elevating Your Badge Design

First impressions are important.

The credentials attendees receive upon check-in, are one of the most significant pieces of collateral they will receive. Our design team will work with you to incorporate your branding across Name Badges and Smart Badge layouts to help your event shine.

Explore our badge designs & layouts below!

Designing Event Communications

Elevate your campaigns when promoting your event and communicating key information  to attendees with Jomablue.

Our design team will use your brand guidelines to design customisable & branded:

  • Event Email Templates e.g. registration confirmation, general information
  • Event e-Tickets for arrival
  • e-Ticket for Apple Wallet

New to Jomablue?

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