The #1 must-have interaction feature — now built into Jomablue

Audience participation is essential for any virtual or hybrid event. Question and Answer (Q&A) tools are easily the first choice for organizations wanting to support audiences need to ask questions while maintaining control over what gets air-play. 

Jomablue is delighted to offer a built-in Q&A feature that further enables event organizers to deliver a rich event experience within the platform. 

What is the experience?

As you can see in the illustration below, Q&A spaces are usually positioned next to the main presentation on a session page. Viewers are encouraged to type questions as the session progresses. This structure gives organizers control over which questions are answered, how they are responded to, and when.

Depending on how a session is structured, there are different ways to respond to questions asked via Q&A. Here is an example of how Q&A can support a session during a live stream presentation:

Moderation and editing 

The Q&A feature enables administrators to choose if they automatically accept all question submissions, or if they want the opportunity to edit or reject questions before they are shared publicly. This relies on having someone to manage this process on behalf of presenters and usually depends on the nature of the event audience. 

Committed to delivering the best experience

Access to session Q&A as a built-in feature is significant for many reasons:

  1. It streamlines administration by removing the need to manage third-party providers.
  2. It simplifies event setup by placing this important feature in the same place as you create the rest of a session.
  3. It reduces costs for event organizers. Access to Jomablue Q&A is included with your platform subscription.
  4. Organizers have easy access to tools that support a great virtual event experience for attendees, with simple processes that create a stress-free experience for organizers.

Supporting flexibility and choice

Event organizers are welcome to continue with one of our third-party providers such as Slido or Pigeonhole live if they wish. These solutions offer some sophisticated features, unique to that provider, that might be deemed as important to the success of an event.  We believe it is important to continue to offer this choice.

However, those who choose to, can simplify the process and maximize the efficiencies of accessing a Q&A feature built into Jomablue. 

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