Turn data into decisions faster with integrations

Jomablue API and Integrations

Automated data flow in and out

Automatically move data between Jomablue and other business systems.

Jomablue API and Integrations

Data security assured for your business

Securely move data adhering to the strictest industry standards.

Jomablue API and Integrations

Gain a single customer view

Data flows into CRM systems to record how customers engaged during experiences.

Jomablue API and Integrations

Designed to support massive scale

Efficiently designed for millions of data points, not hundreds.

360° customer view

Connect everything

Jomablue APIs and Integrations are designed to support the connection of any modern CRM, marketing tool or finance system.
Our team has extensive experience consulting on integrations from one-way data for BI tools, through to two-way syncing with today’s CRMs.

Jomablue API and Integrations
Integrated with your business ecosystem

Multiple API and Connector options

Choose from multiple push and pull options to suit your ecosystem.
We provide out-of-the-box REST APIs, custom-configured connectors – that exactly fit your systems data models, rate limits or data formatting requirements, and ETL Data warehousing.

Jomablue API and Integrations
Automatic and instant

Put data where it’s needed

Enhance sales and marketing outcomes and drive business productivity.
Data is fed instantly into your CRM and used for lead generation or validation, by recording interactions a person has during a digital, hybrid, or in-person experience.

Jomablue API and Integrations

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