A consistent, streamlined and comprehensive year-round approach will transform your events

So, you’ve tried Jomablue and experienced the difference greater insight into your flagship events can make. But what now? Are you ready to go back to paper based attendance lists and data privacy issues for the rest of the year? You don’t have to. Make Jomablue your year-round partner by extending your subscription and enjoy the benefits of a consistent, streamlined and comprehensive events management solution.

Create a consistent registration experience

Create a consistent registration experience for events teams. Using a single event registration solution across all your events improves your team’s efficiency and boosts their confidence. With the administrative load minimized, you’ll soon be asking yourself why you ever thought working from multiple systems made sense.

Attendees benefit from this brand consistency too. Every event interaction looks like it is built from the same template. And that is because it is. Customers become familiar with event registration pages, simplifying their experience and reducing the potential for data input errors.

For organizers, consistency needn’t mean homogeny. Through Custom Fields Jomablue delivers insights at a deeper level, giving event organizers the power to capture customer data that is unique to their organization (e.g. whether a customer already uses any of their products). These insights can then be expanded across a full calendar year by asking the same questions every time the customer registers for an event, workshop or seminar. This makes events an ideal way to learn about customers’ readiness to purchase. Having a 365 day view of such key business questions is nothing short of transformative.

Streamline logistics and event check-in

The foundation of Jomablue rests on enhancing the experiences of event organizers as well as attendees.

Easy-to-use registration page templates with built-in design editors enable organizers to create professional looking registration pages quickly and easily. What’s more, they capture detailed customer insight with minimum effort.

Online chat further enhances event team efficiencies removing the distraction of endless phone calls and enabling teams to address queries in a structured and streamlined manner. With the phones quiet, they can focus on ensuring other areas of the customer experience are optimized.

API integrations enable data captured during an event to integrate automatically with other business tools, most commonly a CRM. Implemented once, this can then feed rich data captured during events directly into a customer’s profile. It makes sense to make a change like this for a business’s annual flagship event but once implemented, why stop there? Event organizers can then benefit from having data continuously feeding into a CRM from every event. With customers who attend more than one event each year, the opportunity to learn more about them at every interaction speaks for itself.

Jomablue Event Kit is an exciting new feature that offers an amazing opportunity for businesses to deliver the same impressive Check-in experience at every event, regardless of scale or attendance. Complex events require more extensive production but Event Kit empowers event organizers to execute the same arrival experience every time, at a fraction of the cost.
“When you go to any AWA event now, you’ll get the same level of professional experience, from registration to getting your e-ticket, getting onsite, and getting your badge.” Kirsty Blades, National Events Manager, Autralian Water Association.

Deliver a comprehensive data picture across all events

When consistent information goes in, consistent information comes out. Consistent, accurate data is the best way to ensure privacy, security and GDPR compliance every time. By making Jomablue your year-round partner, that data is guaranteed.

A consistent year-round picture will not only increase efficiency and streamline processes but will uncover hidden trends across the full event portfolio and the benefits will increase exponentially. It’s an easy way to take your business to the next level.

To make Jomablue your year-round partner, contact the team today.