During January the Jomablue Product Team focused on further enhancing the Paid Registration functionality. Event Survey features received some attention, with more exciting releases also on their way in coming weeks. CSV files can now be uploaded directly into Jomablue, eliminating administrative delays.

Jomablue features utilize the latest technology to support the entire life-cycle of an event. The mission is to create platform features that support streamlined, personalized and insightful event experiences for event organizers and their guests.

  • ‘Finance-role’ users can add and configure Products
  • ‘Finance-role’ users can now add Taxes
  • ‘Finance-role’ users can now add and edit External Links
  • Item Summary reports are now available under Financial Reports. This report displays all Items sold and who they are allocated too. You can use this report if you wanted to contact everyone that has purchase a certain item
  • The fields displayed when activating registrations are now fully customizable. Including the order they appear, requirement to complete and granular validation rules
  • There is now an ‘Other’ option in custom fields. When none of the predefined options are relevant, select ‘Other’ and a free text field will appear
  • Jomablue is now passing a per-event identifier to our payment portal. This enables reporting to be easily linked to multiple events listed in Jomablue
  • Surveys can now be scheduled to send via SMS or Email
  • Added star ratings as a response option when creating Surveys
  • Easily see the journey each attendee takes using the Journeys export functionality under People Export
  • Understand session feedback instantly. Session ratings from Event App users are now displayed in realtime in Insights
  • Introduced a step by step import tool, to easily import CSV lists into Jomablue

If you’re ready to create a truly integrated digital experience at your next event, contact Jomablue to find out more.