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Leverage these three event insights to make more memorable experiences for your attendees

Data is changing the world.

We’re producing more of it than ever before. And one of the most intriguing changes is how we’re developing tools to process and understand this wealth of information.

The conversation has shifted from data-driven tech solutions to focusing on insight-driven tools. It’s less about specific numbers and more about what they mean — and what we can do with them.

This is especially true for events. A record-setting $50 million was invested in modern event management platforms in 2016, and the trend is expected to continue. The commitment is encouraging companies behind these tools to innovate and offer greater value to their customers.

Thanks to improved reporting and integration, companies like Jomablue can help organizers gain a better understanding of ROI while creating increasingly memorable experiences for event-goers.

Here are three event insights we’re excited about in 2018:


1. On-site engagement

Gone are the days of cumbersome check-in processes, paper agendas, and guessing at audience interest and engagement. With today’s event management tools, you can understand and respond to audience behavior as your event unfolds.

Event intelligence tools let you streamline the check-in process with personalized badges, serve up relevant information via user-friendly mobile apps, and even view attendance and see which exhibitors are engaging with attendees in real time.

But what good is all this information?

Increased on-site engagement makes things easier for everyone. Your attendees avoid long lines and have access to dynamic content in their pockets, while you gather deep insights for your sales team through tracking and scoring behavior. It’s a win-win.


2. Attendee tracking

Put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Imagine going where they go, experiencing what they experience, and feeling any pain points they might have.

With smart badges, you can. This technology assigns a unique identifier to each attendee. So you can monitor people’s locations and make real-time adjustments to enhance their event experience, all while gathering rich insights on engagement and behavior.

When you know exactly where everyone is, you can better manage flow across venues and collect important data, like how many people enter a session and how long they stay. You can even serve up site-specific content, like targeted messages or interactive experiences, via email or text message.

Best of all, your sales team gets timely information about high-quality prospects, all based on data-driven insights.


3. Live analytic dashboards

Real-time insights are where the power of event metrics come together to bring organizers the big picture.

A single data point, like attendance or satisfaction, cannot fully capture an event’s worth. In fact, it’s only a sliver of the whole experience, like looking for the best restaurant in a new city by analyzing just one neighborhood.

But with fresh metrics delivered every 60 seconds via a live dashboard, event managers have immediate access to multiple data points. This data can help them make smart operational decisions, like ratings of event sessions in real time.

Real-time insights lead to better experiences for your audience and better lead capture for your sales team.

And these insights are multitaskers. Once your event is over, you can compare performance and attendance metrics from prior years to understand what works and change what doesn’t.

If you’re ready to bring the power of data-driven insights to your next event, contact Jomablue for a demo, or download our product sheet to learn more.