Insights and Reporting

Transform live experiences into sales and marketing insights

Supporting informed decision-making, supercharged sales leads and enriched CRM data

Jomablue event intelligence combines insights from lead scoring, attendee engagement scoring and persona segmentation to allow you to create more effective sales and marketing strategies.

View attendee location data in real-time

Collect data on attendee interactions and content consumed during an event

Compare year-on-year metrics for event attendance and exhibitor performance

Gain customer insight based on real-time activity reports

Sales teams can effectively prioritize post-event follow-up with highly engaged attendees

How it works

Step 1.
Collect data based on how customers behave

The Jomablue Smart Badge issued during Event Check-in cleverly captures, stores and shares information about attendees behaviour. When a customer goes through Check-in, enters a Session, visits a Vendor or requests Related Content their Smart Badge shares this data with organizers via the Event Dashboard.

Step 2.
View customer behaviour data in real-time

Throughout an event the Event Dashboard displays a real-time summary of where people are and how they are engaging with the event. Dashboards are customized for every event to show information based on organisers objectives. Predefined customer segmentation supports a deeper level of understanding where staff, VIPs or new prospects can be quickly identified on the Dashboard.

Attendee location tracking also reports on how many people have arrived, who has checked into a session and which exhibitors are attracting conversation. This empowers organizers to make informed decisions about when to start a session, which speakers are popular and which exhibitors are having success, based on actual reportable data.

Step 3.
Improve post-event conversion based on detailed customer insights

Post event, Jomablue provides an Engagement Score for each attendee, based on the data collected during an event. The more someone interacts with event activity and content, the higher their Engagement Score. The benefit? Sales teams enter post-event conversations with highly engaged attendees that are far more likely to convert. CRM systems also benefit from valuable customer data that comes back from an event to create a richer customer profile.

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