Q & A with Jomablue Project Manager – Samantha Adams

Q1: Jomablue claims that technology brings people together. How can that be?

A change has happened in the business and dating worlds. Advancements in technology have enabled people to come together more easily, to understand each other better and to meet individual needs in ways not possible before. Technology used at its best can bring people together, rather than become the barrier that separates them.

Q2: And how does Jomablue achieve this?

Get people talking:

Firstly of course, there is the unsurpassable Jomablue Event Check-in experience. Check-in takes just three seconds and every individual is greeted in person, by name. Compare this to long queues  at arrival or impersonal check-in machines, where organizers present lacklustre experiences for attendees and no one speaks to each other. Thanks to Jomablue, each arrival is welcomed warmly by outgoing friendly staff and this empowers attendees to go out into the event and continue to connect with people face to face. 

Meaningful networking opportunities:

Jomablue’s Intelligent Networking feature uses compatibility algorithms to match compatible people. This feature eliminates the need to meet every single person at an event just to, hopefully, find a meaningful contact. How? In a similar way to how dating sites bring together romantically compatible matches, Jomablue brings together suitable networking matches, based on the choices they make during an event: for example, the sessions they attend, the content they consume and the networking opportunities they opt in for. 

Jomablue’s sophisticated segmentation capability also enables organizers to facilitate meaningful networking opportunities. For example, during a recent event, customer segmentation was used to invite VIPs from similar backgrounds to various networking dinners the night before the main conference. Reducing the event population to an intimate dinner of like-minded attendees, greatly improves the chance of each person making one, or several useful contacts. 

A socially driven event app:

A good event app will present agenda information to attendees, allowing them to choose their own adventure and experience an event inside an event, thereby creating experiences that deliver exactly what they, as individuals, need. 

The result of this is that a number of ‘event tribes’ are created by bringing people together online who wouldn’t normally interact. It is not unusual for a large event to have over 100 sessions and workshops covering a number of different topics. Attendees now have something in common: similar session attendance, workshop experiences and networking events. And, of course, they are matched for networking opportunities in the event app.

Q3: So it is that simple?

These are just a few ways that Jomablue’s event technology brings people together. We then sprinkle a little bit of magic over everything we  do so clients, like you, don’t have to worry.

Q4: Finally Sam, what’s your favourite colour? 

Turquoise blue.

It reminds me of precious memories made with loved ones in the Mediterranean … and sensational events and awards we’ve won in Europe!

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