The internet is awash with discussion around new disrupting technologies. These disrupters are making use of data and technology to challenge the old monopolies. Exhibitions are a prime opportunity of where this can happen. Organisers in an increasingly challenging environment need to respond to exhibitors and sponsors looking for more value than ever from an exhibition. The first step in responding is ensuring you have the right tools to measure the performance of an exhibition. Do you know how many leads an exhibitor was able to collect? How does that rank against others in the exhibition. Do you know how many people are in the building, right now? This type of data is now obtainable for event organisers. Now armed with this information organisers can make informed discussions about an exhibition performance.

Not surprisingly, we are hearing from exhibitors and organisers that the use of Jomablue technologies at their events is delivering the data they need. With a simple tap of a digital business card, Jomablue Lead Capture technology allows exhibition attendees and exhibitors to instantly exchange contact details at your event. Simultaneously, delegates receive an SMS and/or email containing pre-loaded product collateral from the exhibitor. No need for the fish bowl with business cards in it on an exhibitors stand. Attendees benefit from the instant delivery of the information they want, but the data available as a result of that exchange contributes to building the profile of the attendee.

We recently grabbed some quotes from exhibitors at an event:

The technology was like gold to us.
Ann Marco, NAB

The functionality of the technology is simple, but perfect.
Todd Shipp, Ingogo

There has never been a more straightforward system to capture data from the delegates.
Daniel Walls, Fathom