February’s features and releases include a number of exciting new additions designed to support event organizers to simplify administration and gain insight into their attendees.

For example, self managed survey features have been made quicker and easier. The Event App continues to evolve the way it provides valuable information to guests. Self serve options across badge printing, CSV file upload, registration and creation of event products mean organizers can instantly move through their event planning, without administrative delays! Sound good? Read on for a full list of February releases.

Survey features

  • Jomablue users can now set a close date and time for survey completion. After the specified date visitors can no longer respond to survey questions
  • At the completion of a survey, a success message can now be created, to redirect visitors or communicate a particular message, such as ‘thank you’, ‘call us’ or ‘read our blog’
  • A terms and conditions link has been added to the survey footer
  • A diverse colour pallet has been added to enable survey colours to match customer branding
  • Star Ratings have been added as a survey answer type
  • Survey questions can now be marked as ‘required, or ‘optional’

Event app

  • A new Event App ‘Feed’ displays activity in chronological order, including
    Event announcements
    Sessions a user has checked into and
    Vendors visited during an event
  • If a guest uses the Event App and checks into the session, they will be presented with a 5 star rating option for that session. Average rating and total ratings for each session can then be viewed under the sessions tab of the insights reports
  • Once a user has logged into the event app, they can see which sessions they are:
    Entitled to attend
    Not entitled to attend
    Have attended
  • Enhancements have been made to a user’s ability to login to the Event App using facial recognition

Badge printing

  • Automatically update Printer Job API to mark people as ‘badge_printed’ even when a failed job is reported. This is to ensure Check-in reporting includes guests that have arrived, but have experienced an issue with their Badge
  • Ability for portal users to clear failed print jobs, if desired

CSV file upload

  • Troubleshooting new CSV file upload errors
  • New CSV file import functionality has been extended to include Item Collection data
  • Added ‘Session Journey’ and ‘Vendor Journey’ to the options available for a CSV file column configuration

Other feature updates

  • Jomablue now passes ‘Event Name’ to the Braintree payment portal as a custom field. This  assists with reporting for that specific event, when multiple events exist
  • Exciting new functionality for a portal users to create event products. This can now be done by event organizers, saving time for event organizers who previously had to wait for events to be created for them by Jomablue administrators
  • Enhancements to the paid registration features now allow customers to decide which fields they wish to include on their registration pages. A single event can have multiple registration pages, capturing customized information specific to that booking type 

If you’re ready to create a truly integrated digital experience at your next event, contact Jomablue to find out more.