Event success begins with powerful registration tools

Jomablue_line_icons_Paid registration

Free or paid ticketing

The flexible registration tools enable organizers to structure events the way they need.

Jomablue_line_icons__Fast and intuative

Fast and intuitive to use

Users love our registration pages. Abandoned carts are a worry of the past!

Jomablue_line_icons_Vibrant branding tools

Impeccable design

Create a look you love every time with a flexible and attractive design.

Jomablue_line_icons_Integrated features for every experience

Integrated data

Ticketing communications draw from registration profile data.

Helpful administration tools

  • Helpful financial reporting tools.
  • Flexible and secure payment options.
  • Offer early bird pricing, coupons, or product bundles.
  • Online chat streamlines customer queries.
  • Event and financial data are stored in the same platform.

Intelligent registration profiling

  • Understand your audience from the start.
  • Custom fields gather additional data to help segment customers into user groups.
  • Create multiple registration pages for different customer segments (e.g. vendors, staff, VIPs).

Attractive pages drive attendance

  • The registration UX journey is cleverly designed for user ease.
  • A seamless booking process, even for groups.
  • Safe, secure, and SLA/GDPR compliant.
  • Manage restricted sessions or networking events.
  • Attractive, flexible branding options.


What are the advantages of using Jomablue for event registration?

All of Jomablue’s features work seamlessly together with data integrating across every touchpoint in real-time. Changes and updates are quick and easy to manage, and data errors are significantly reduced because information only needs to be updated in one place.

How do I send registration and ticketing information to customers?

Check out our range of flexible Marketing Tools, specially designed to get important information into the hands of attendees at the moment they need it.

We use casual staff to administer registration payments for our events. If everything for my event is held in one platform, how can I limit the data casual staff can access?

So long as you have a subscription tier that allows you to do this, we can limit access for specific user roles inside Jomablue.

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