Sophistication in live event management

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Quick and contactless check-in

With mobile processes and e-Tickets to support low-contact or no-contact arrival—attendees get to the good stuff sooner.

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Fast and targeted contact tracing

See exactly who’s arrived on-site and quickly share safety messages: interactions are subtly monitored for accurate contact tracing.

Jomablue_line_icons_Integrated features for every experience

Integrated features for every experience

Support every attendee journey. Create a cohesive experience from registration, to on-site engagement, networking, and beyond.

Jomablue_line_icons_Event data supports business outcomes from event activity

Instant reporting for informed decisions

Know your audience, and your event’s ROI, based on attendee behaviour. Reveal individuals’ motivations for effective marketing follow-up.

Features that bring event visions to life

Ticketing and Registration

Attract a full house, with tools to manage registration webpages, ticket and pricing categories, attendee info, and session capacity.

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Create an event-specific digital realm to support the live experience. Share content like agendas, session notes, and networking prompts.

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Event Check-in and Badging

Conquer long queues using e-tickets and self serve badging. No-contact and low-contact arrival options are scalable and COVID-compliant, yet highly personalized.

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Create branded, segmented, and automated communications and campaigns across web, email, and SMS. Capture and cultivate leads with ease.

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Session Management

Quantify the success of your program and speakers based on actual behavior. Adopt agile processes for uncovering engagement in every room.

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Content Sharing

Keep attendees’ enthralled with relevant content/items delivered via email, SMS, or on-site—collected with a tap of a Smart Badge.

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Sponsors and Exhibitors

Enable exhibitors to collect attendee details with a Smart Badge tap, instantly share offers and competitions, and engage warm leads.

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Get feedback during or after any event, or within any session, to enrich your audience insights. Easily design and reliably distribute surveys.

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Reporting and Insights

Monitor performance in real-time. Conduct meaningful post-event debriefs. Spot opportunities to improve, and enhance your bottom line.

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