With almost 5,000 attendees set to converge on TEDxSydney, here’s an inside look at how the organisers have partnered with Jomablue to capture insights and essential data.

“Jomablue’s Live Engagement Platform is at the core of our strategy to capture insights about attendee engagement this year,” Susan McMahon, General Manager and Head of Operations at TEDxSydney, explains. “From the moment attendees walk through the doors at the venue to the moment they leave, we’ll be able to capture essential data about their level of engagement across all aspects of the event.

“The big gap for us in the past has been understanding how attendees are engaging with the content. We’ve obviously known who was at the event via pre-event registration data, but not much more than that. This year, using the Jomablue platform, we’re able to track the activity of attendees. At the end of the event, we’ll know so much more than simply who was here. The data we gather will allow us to understand how they’ve engaged with TEDxSydney.”

The TEDxSydney team has worked closely with Jomablue in the lead up to the event to identify some interesting and creative ways to gather data.

“TEDxSydney provides a unique platform to showcase Australian ideas and innovations to the world,” Susan explains. “It’s about making connections, sparking new ideas and promoting the cross-pollination of innovative concepts. You never know when and where inspiration will hit – and our aim at TEDxSydney is to provide an environment that fosters inspiration.

“We’re using the platform throughout the event to help us identify smaller communities of like-minded individuals within the wider group of attendees.

“By understanding how attendees are engaged right across TEDxSydney and with our partners on the day, we can create more specific offerings tailored to the interests of these smaller communities going forward. And this will allow our attendees to continue to engage into the future and continue to be inspired.

“Having access to this concrete data is really exciting for us.”

Partnering with Jomablue to deliver solutions for events over multiple years means TEDxSydney will be in the best position to enjoy the benefits of year-on-year data.

“We’re looking forward to partnering with Jomablue on the TEDxSydney event over the next couple of years,” Susan says. “This year, our goal is to set up a platform that will allow us to both improve the attendee experience and start to gather valuable data. With this in place, we’ll be in a much stronger position to take advantage of the wealth of data opportunities Jomablue’s Live Engagement Platform affords going forward.

“The possibilities for the future are almost limitless and I’m looking forward to being able to plan our next events based on what is actually working, rather than what we think is working.”

Susan has little doubt that the solutions provided by Jomablue will play a critical part in TEDxSydney’s success.

“The Jomablue team have been with us every step of the way,” she says. “Their dedication to the task and their responsiveness is impressive, and they’re completely focused on always finding the best solution to any business challenge.

“They’ve also worked closely with our partners to ensure they’re using the Smart Badges and capture technology in the right way. This means we’ll be able to understand the effectiveness of our partners’ activations, which in turn will help us to help them.”