Ticketing and Registration

Simple administration, quality data

Quality data begins at registration

Manage event ticket sales and attendee tracking inside Jomablue to keep administration simple and create a streamlined customer experience. Organizers sell tickets from a dedicated landing page or allow attendees to register themselves online.

Sophisticated paid and free registration capability

Advanced coupon functionality

e-Tickets and invoices are automatically sent to customers inbox

Guest lists are easily accessed and updated by event organizers inside Jomablue

Track which marketing activities event registrations come from

How it works

Step 1. Create a custom designed registration page …find out more

Easy to use registration page templates allow event organizers to create pages that meet the specific requirements of each event. Event event is unique and registration pages need to capture 100% accurate information, relevant to needs of each particular event. Event organizers have complete control of the registration fields they need, as well as the design and colour of the pages. It’s simple to use and entirely self managed, reducing administrative delays waiting for 3rd party designers or administrators.

Paid registration features allow unique ticket categories to be created at different price points, with multiple registration pages available for a single event. Sophisticated coupon functionality supports targeted marketing offers and the platform then reports on how users came to each page, i.e. which offer attracted them to attend an event.

Step 2. Share your web pages with potential attendees …find out more

Each event registration page will have a discrete URL to share with potential attendees. Include this link in your pre-event marketing communications to direct customers to register online. The functionality supports multiple booking pages for a single event, making reporting on particular campaigns, offers or target groups as easy and viewing a conversion report. Marketers and Event Managers use this information to report on ROI’s for specific activities and retain this information for future event planning.

Once an attendee has registered for an event, free or paid, an e-ticket is automatically sent to their email inbox. Easy to use email templates ensure this message is branded and professional. Then once a customer arrives at an event, they carry their ticket inside their phone, ready to present to Check-in teams.

Step 3. Instantly view, update or download information …find out more

Attendee lists are then available to view immediately, inside Jomablue. Event organizers have the control to update, edit or add information to attendee registrations and administer payment or invoicing queries directly inside the self-managed portal.

Because the registration fields have be predefined when the registration pages were created, organizers have complete and accurate data from the beginning, removing the potential stress and confusion that often surrounds missing, or incomplete information.

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