As people who live and breathe live events, we know well that businesses run events of all shapes and sizes throughout the year. Breakfasts, single stream workshops and dinners, as well as complex multi-stream conferences or flagship events. The new Jomablue Event Kit solution empowers event organisers looking for a more streamlined solution, to deliver our award-winning event check-in experience for all their events, regardless of size or style.

How Event Kit works:

One compact case is delivered to the designated event site and contains everything needed to conduct streamlined, efficient and personalized event check-in. Our Event Kit also captures vital arrival data, so you know when and how many guests have arrived.


Event Kit supports the same great features in the Jomablue portal:

There are many helpful tools in the Jomablue platform that support, not just an amazing check-in experience, but the the entire life-cycle of an event.

Event Kit, although designed for events with less than a few hundred attendees, still incorporates the best of the Jomablue platform. Feedback from customers drove us to bring Event Kit to market. We want to ensure event organizers can do away with slow and impersonal check-in for every event experience, while still utilizing all the great features from the Jomablue platform.

  • Simple pre-event registration, free or paid
  • Streamlined Check-In
  • Marketing integrations – like reminder emails or SMS campaigns
  • Surveys

But Event Kit offers so much more:

We’ve worked hard to solve common problems organizers face at smaller scale events. Most importantly, connectivity and power! The Jomablue Event Kit is completely wireless, no cables required and includes 4G or WiFi connectivity. For some, even more vital, Event Kit is battery powered supporting a full day of operation.

Interestingly an additional and growing issue for customers is the data privacy issue presented with pre-printed badges. Until now, this was an unavoidable issue for simple events. Providing a digital ticketing experience solution for events of any size, has now addressed this privacy concern.

Because the Jomablue Event Kit is hired as an add-on to your Jomablue subscription, for a specified period of time, it also assists with budgeting. By spreading the costs over a number of different event budgets, where the Kit will be shared, the cost per event is less. Being able to use the Kit as many times as you like within that period, means everyone can benefit from access to an award-winning event check-in solution. Wouldn’t it be great to be known by your customers and clients as always providing a great welcome experience, regardless of the size or style of an event.

So, as you can see, there are lots of ways the Event Kit can support the full range of events for your organization.

Best of all:

The Event Kit enables the capture of customer data and tracks behaviour across an entire year. We believe there is power in this holistic approach. After analyzing 250 B2B professionals across numerous industries, analytics expert Dun & Bradstreet discovered that gathering and acting on insights from activities across all channels gives marketing and sales teams a much clearer picture, which can lead to “higher levels of engagement, increased loyalty, and greater customer lifetime value.” Understanding the full range of customer behaviours in one platform and from the whole year of events, allows more valuable data, a consistent customer experience and more clearly demonstrates event ROI.


Sounds good doesn’t it?

Contact the Jomablue team today, for more information or to request a demo.