Feel equipped to produce flawless events

event production management

Organize it all in one place

Manage multi-faceted events with an integrated platform. Save time with extensive and intuitive in-built tools and templates.

event production management

Execute in-person and online

Increase the impact of cross-format events, not the workload. Master the nitty-gritty and gracefully weave in wow moments.

event production management

Embrace safety standards

Limit contact using mobile-enabled processes to move people along quickly and gain real-time visibility of attendees on-site.

event production management

Understand event performance

Quantify success based on your business and event goals to get meaningful insights. Report and act on data with confidence.

One platform for every experience

Deliver digital and in-person experiences in harmony

  • Create unified experiences for events of any format.
  • Tailor live experiences for online spaces to reach an unlimited remote audience.
  • Extend your event’s life with bonus online content or enable audiences to revisit event material.
event production management
Every step of the way

Integrated features combine for deceptively simple experiences

  • Organize, monitor, and evaluate every aspect of an event from one platform.
  • Streamline project set-up and easily scale your processes as events grow.
  • Build unified experiences that put audiences at ease, with features designed to work together.
event production management
As it happens

Capitalize on attendee data where it counts

  • Improve operational decision-making with dashboards that show real-time check in and session attendance data.
  • Generate useful data and insights from actual audience behaviors and interactions.
  • Use the Jomablue Connector to learn more by feeding data into external systems such as Salesforce, Tableau, Domo, Dynamics, and more.
event production management

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Impress every attendee, at every step, with the ideal platform for event producers.

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