Virtual event experiences showcase AV productions

event management platform for AV companies

Easy, cost-effective event delivery

Quickly create immersive virtual event pages with flexible support and onboarding packages.

event management platform for AV companies

Increase market share and revenue

Augment your productions and drive growth opportunities by meeting clients’ design and branding needs.

event management platform for AV companies

Build a complete experience

Ensure your AV concepts truly connect with audiences through highly engaging online spaces.

event management platform for AV companies

Execute flexibly with one platform

Everything you need to deliver for your clients is supported by easy-to-use, secure, streaming options.

The home of virtual events

Provide a stunning virtual setting

  • Instantly expand your offering and generate demand without investing in in-house software or skills.
  • Easily build attractive and interactive virtual event pages that enhance your core audio-visual expertise.
  • Leverage a leading event platform with proven success in showcasing content via end-to-end virtual events.
event management platform for AV companies
Live in an instant

Live stream without limits

  • Expand your event reach without a hitch: seamlessly stream content to global audiences of any size and location thanks to a multi-vendor CDN and multi-bitrate streaming.
  • Enjoy simple configuration for AV providers and an ability to reuse streams across multiple sessions.
  • Leverage existing security protocols like OTPs, secure pages, and controlled access to sessions.
event management platform for AV companies
Impress clients

Presented perfectly with superior design tools

  • Showcase your productions by creating stylish, unified event experiences that engage and delight viewers. 
  • Efficiently move into event production with quick set up and customizable designs and branding tools.
  • Transform how you facilitate and drive engagement with interactive features such as chat, live reactions, and Q&As.
event management platform for AV companies
Showcase live experiences

Packages engineered for your industry

  • Confidently deliver a better standard of virtual event at scale, with one configurable platform that includes a built-in streaming solution.
  • Boost your own bottom line as you give clients a bigger return on their investment in AV production.
  • Work flexibly with Jomablue: you control the extent of page design and build you want to manage in-house.
event management platform for AV companies

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From built-in tools with easy configuration, through to powerful reliable performance, and finally—captivating virtual event pages: amplify your AV services by leveraging Jomablue.

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