Event Live Streaming

Event live streaming without limits

Modern events are becoming more expansive. Event organizers need to increase every event’s reach and offer more: more content, more flexibility, more value. 

Live streaming in-person experiences means people can tune in from anywhere around the world. However, bigger is not necessarily better unless you have flawless execution—and that is especially true when it comes to live streaming. 

If you want to stream in-person events live with confidence, we know you’ll be excited about our latest feature release.

Jomablue has been working hard to bring our users simple, scalable, and reliable live stream functionality that’s built-in to our event platform.

Benefit from Jomablue’s live stream features:

  • Preview Screen
    • You can review exactly what viewers will see and feel assured on event-day things will display as expected.
  • Picture in Picture (PiP)
    • A floating ‘pop out’ video player allows attendees to move to other pages and navigate around while continuing to watch the stream.
  • One-click streaming
    • Streams are managed and configured in Jomablue. When a stream starts it will automatically display where it needs to with no external configuration required.
    • That means it is possible to re-use streams across multiple presentations.
  • Usage Reporting
    • Get detailed metrics about how many people viewed the live stream and how many people stayed till the end.
  • Multi-bitrate streaming
    • Dependable content delivery that maximizes video quality regardless of slow/poor internet.
    • Jomablue uses cloud transcoding to automatically create multi-quality streams to provide a buffer-free experience for all viewers.
  • Unlimited channels, streams, views
    • Automatically and instantly scales to support whatever capacity is needed.
  • Global Multi-Vendor CDNs
    • Working with a number of Content Distribution Networks ensures global streams reliably reach their destination. 
    • If there is difficulty with one provider Jomablue automatically changes to another with more reliable service.
  • Reliably and elegantly keeps audiences connected
    • Viewers receive a clear on-screen message if there are onsite connection issues which protects the likelihood that viewers will stay.
  • HTML5 player
    • Supports any device format. 
  • Option for autoplay
    • Autoplay is when a live stream automatically starts as a viewer arrives on a page. If the viewer is on mute the player displays a warning.
  • Any video encoder
    • Works with all systems in use by AV companies. 
  • Scalable across an entire event
    • The platform reliably scales to manage peak periods for large events e.g. event arrival, key note sessions, and ticketing campaigns. 
  • Protect your live stream content with secure pages, and restricted access options
    • With Jomablue, security is built into the streaming process.

Fewer steps to a seamless and professional live stream

Built-in live streaming on Jomablue is cause for celebration. It changes the game for event organizers by offering streamlined event management in a world where live virtual experiences are in strong demand.

Built-in live streaming brings Jomablue a notch above other event platforms: it’s more reliable, saves time, makes life easy for AV teams, and automatically scales to support audiences of any size. 

That’s critical for events with high production values. If you put the time and money into capturing quality audio-visual (AV) productions, you need assurances that your audiences will be able to easily access and enjoy that content via a high-quality live stream.

Sessions can be streamed directly to your online audiences via rich and engaging virtual event pages. For each session you can design, host, promote, and control access all from one place.

Jomablue live streaming will cut out the middle man

By adopting our all-in-one event platform, you can create a complete workflow within Jomablue. Using Jomablue’s integrated features to deliver your overall event experience helps ensure:

  • A faster and simpler live stream set-up
  • Less potential points of failure 
  • A smoother event flow

If you’re thinking about how you can leverage live streaming to boost the reach of your presentations, reach out to our team of experts.

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