Because your attendees deserve the best possible welcome

event check in software


Say goodbye to arrival queues with tap-and-go ticketing that keeps people moving.


Unique ticketing and mobile technology combine for assisted or self-service arrival.

event check in software


Robust social distancing and contact tracing solutions for event-day arrival and exit.

event check in software


Perfect for small workshops, through to multi-day summit style events.

How it works and why it wins awards

  • Create a fast and highly personalized arrival experience.
  • Each arrival is greeted in person and by name.
  • Check in and badge collection takes just a few seconds.
  • Considered arrival pathways eliminate queues and keep everyone moving.
  • Creates a high-energy, fast-paced arrival experience.
event check in software

Contactless Mobile Event Kit

  • Enjoy an effortless arrival with self-service check in and badge collection.
  • Contactless tap-and-go event arrival.
  • Runs seamlessly both on and offline.
  • Fits inside a carry case for ease of transportation between events.
  • Enjoy the benefits of Jomablue for every event.
  • Ideal for event agencies, venues, and businesses that host regular events throughout the year.
event check in software

Smart Badge enabled Check In

  • Make every interaction count during large, multi-session summits and conferences.
  • Our Smart Badge solution monitors attendee interactions across an event site.
  • Know which sessions, sponsors, or content attendees engaged with.
  • Personalize badges for staff, VIPs, exhibitors, and delegates.
  • Quick and targeted contact tracing across an event site.


How does Jomablue work? Is it a subscription or an event management business?

Jomablue, the platform, is accessed by different subscription editions that unlock the features you need, identified in your event scope.

On-site hardware can include mobile devices for check in or lead capture devices for expo booths. You only hire what you need.

Then, we offer customers access to a team of experts to manage your onsite arrival experience, or provide additional consultation hours to onboard and support your delivery teams.

Can Jomablue help with contact tracing?

Yes. When you use Jomablue Check In you know exactly who is on-site and what time they arrived and left. If contact tracing is required our reporting feature can immediately identify those who may have been exposed, and quickly target them using our advanced marketing tools.

How can I ensure customers who want to attend my event in-person are safe?

Jomablue Check In was already fast, streamlined, and low-contact. We have made some adjustments to allow for social restrictions and hygiene requirements and introduced contactless arrival options for those who need them.

My business runs one flagship event each year, and lots of smaller meetings, workshops, and training sessions. How can I get the best from Jomablue?

Take advantage of Jomablue’s award-winning features for your flagship event and extend the benefits of the platform across your entire year.

You will streamline event management for every experience, and collect event data from a full year of activity.

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