Enterprise Event
Management Software

From flagship events, to year-round roadshows, and employee workshops—bring people together to showcase what makes your company a market leader.

Enterprise Event Management Software

Create unified customer experiences from a single platform

Manage in-person, virtual and hybrid experiences all from a single platform.

  • From our award-winning Event Check-in experience to Session Management, Lead Capture and more – we provide features to support all aspects of your event 
  • Extend the value, reach and lifespan of content with our virtual content and engagement solutions
  • Deliver live interactive features, such as Live Chat, Q&A, Surveys and more – shared across online and in-person audiences to keep people connected

Scalability and flexibility without compromising on security

Plan events of all formats and scale with Jomablue and have confidence using a platform that is secure by design.

Whether it’s organising a small networking event, or live streaming a hybrid conference of 10,000+, we adopt security features and practices that ensure your data is protected onsite and online:

  • Multi Factor Authentication employed across platform
  • Access control available for specific user types e.g. finance, registration, reporting
  • No personal information stored on any on-site hardware (including; door scanners, lead capture devices or our smart badges)
  • We adopt industry best practices when handling any customer data 
  • All data is encrypted at rest, including any backups taken
  • We are happy to undertake any required internal compliance and security audits and can also provide relevant documentation and/or provide test environments for internal penetration testing.
Secure by design
Drive better decisions with meaningful insights

Drive better decisions with meaningful insights

Move beyond events as a moment-in-time and harness the value of multiple touchpoints across the customer journey.

  • View real-time data based on actual attendee interactions for agile operational decisions
  • Follow-up effectively with insights into how sessions performed, who was highly engaged, and what interests them
  • Do even more with event data by feeding it into external BI systems, enabled by the Jomablue Connector
  • Measure attendee engagement and enable sales & marketing teams to maximise conversion

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