Q1: What key challenges face marketers trying to measure the success of an event?

Events have different objectives but usually, particularly for a large-scale event, success comes back to how it helps achieve marketing objectives and, ultimately, increases sales. One of the challenges to achieving this result is the disparity between the tools used by events teams, marketers, and sales professionals.  

Let me explain. There is a wide variety of highly insightful platforms available to marketers, used to gather data about customers in order to move them along the marketing and sales pipeline. However, move to a live-event environment and suddenly businesses only have a limited view of how customers behave. This limitation has a major impact on a marketer’s ability to understand customer motivations for attending the event. In truth, live events are an incredibly useful environment for learning about customer interests, delving deeper into the customer psyche than digital or social channels alone allow. The challenge, therefore, is ensuring you have the tools required to capture this information.

Jomablue can transform your event experiences into sales and marketing insights, making it another valuable tool in your technology stack. It enables businesses to gather rich data from the audience attending your live events.

Q2: What about CRM Systems? Isn’t that where customer data should be held?

Yes, without a doubt, CRMs are hugely valuable tools and well worth the investment that a business makes when developing them. But to unlock the potential of a CRM, and to make the most of the investment, customer data is required, and the more the better. We see live events as the ideal opportunity to measure customer behaviour, to enrich CRM data. Don’t worry; this process can be automated, so the small investment made in Jomablue further enhances the large investment already made in the CRM.

Q3: How does Jomablue transform events into marketing insights?

Jomablue captures information about the way customers behave before, during, and after an event. This data is used to enhance streamlined, personalized experiences for customers during an event. It also transforms their experiences into valuable customer insights. One way this is achieved is through the process of Attendee Engagement Scoring.

About Attendee Engagement Scoring

Throughout an event, Jomablue scores the interaction data about each attendee. For example, if a customer pre-registers for the event, they are considered more engaged than someone who merely turns up on the day. Similarly the more sessions someone participates in, the more engaged they are deemed to be. By monitoring interactions during an event, and giving these interactions pre-allocated scores, companies can identify those customers that are most engaged during the event and are therefore most likely to convert to a sale after the event.

And it doesn’t end there. Engagement Scoring can also be segmented into categories. Let’s say your business offers a number of services, for example tax, external audit, and bookkeeping support. Specific scores can be given to activities within these categories to determine if a customer is, for example, highly engaged with bookkeeping content but not interested in tax support.

Imagine the long-term benefits, for sales efforts, of having this data in your CRM system. Not only do you have verifiable data showing that a customer is interested in your business but you also know why.

Can you see how a full event experience, captured inside Jomablue, delivers more powerful insight for your business? Capturing data from Registration, Event Check-in, Session Attendance, Touchpoints, Lead Capture and post-event Surveys, gives much deeper insight, by collating data from every step of their event journey.

Q4: Why do I need this data?

Customer data is key for successful marketing. The more you know about a person, the better you are able to match your products with their needs.  Detailed customer insights, like those generated through Attendee Engagement Scoring, empower sales teams to react immediately after an event, reaching those who are most likely to convert.

Jomablue insights provide verifiable data to evaluate your event portfolio spend. Demonstrate the value of live events with data to support how many people attend, how often, and how events impact their behaviour throughout the rest of the year. Events come with a high price tag; verifiable data provided by Jomablue will demonstrate the return on this expense to the wider business.

Jomablue insight creates CRM data quickly and at a large scale. Companies make significant investments into CRM Systems because they understand the benefits of capturing, grouping, and sharing customer information. Jomablue enables event organizers to capture customer information to support year-round marketing activity.

Q5: Thanks Sam. Finally, what is your favourite colour?


Would you like to capture customer insight, that supports your sales pipeline, during your next event? Contact the Jomablue team to request a demonstration.