Imagine it’s almost midnight the night before a big event and your final registration list still isn’t complete — or (eek!) you just realized you haven’t printed your attendees’ name badges.

For even the most seasoned event organizers, these scenarios might feel uncomfortably familiar. When you’re juggling dozens of tasks, it’s easy for a few to slip through the cracks — or to go awry at the last minute.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could streamline the registration process, avoid pre-printed badges altogether, and make large events feel more intimate? And how would you feel if there was a solution that integrated directly with your CRM system so all your event data was always up-to-date?

We bet you’d be sound asleep the night before your big event, those frazzled nerves a thing of the past.

An event management challenge — and a solution
TEDxSydney, one of the hundreds of independently run organizations licensed by TED, is no stranger to the challenge of event management. The organization boasts more than 60,000 members, and in addition to year-round meetings, it hosts an annual flagship event in Sydney.

When TEDxSydney decided to switch the venue for its 2017 event to accommodate more attendees, it faced a new dilemma: How could it create an event that provided intimate experiences for attendees and didn’t feel anonymous and corporate?
That’s where we came in.

Seamless check-ins and meaningful connections
To put it simply, check-in at the 2016 event was a hassle. Long lines and 30 tables of pre-printed badges made the process tedious and labor-intensive. TEDxSydney needed a more streamlined welcome experience — and we rose to the task. But we didn’t stop there.

When TEDxSydney implemented the Jomablue solution and Jomablue Smart Badges for its 2017 event, it was able to:

  • Check in more than 4,000 attendees without long waits
  • Shift from 30 tables of pre-printed badges to personalized Smart Badges printed on demand
  • Create “tribes” at the event to help attendees forge meaningful connections
  • Capture real-time event analytics on attendee activity and behavior

Plus, with the intelligence of the Jomablue platform TEDxSydney gained new insights about its members so it can create future events tailored to their interests.

And guess what — we have even bigger plans for TEDxSydney’s 2018 event, including end-to-end event support. Want the full scoop? (You do!)

To learn more about how the Jomablue solution creates a seamless event experience, and to hear what’s next for us, download our case study.