Q: Hi Samantha. In your experiences as an Events Manager, what are some the considerations when running a conference with CPD/CPE credits allocated?

Many conferences build CPD/CPE credits into their program, in order to support the educational needs of members to achieve or maintain their professional certification. Doing this offers an attractive member benefit and is a successful way to attract delegates. The problem? There are some surprisingly complex administrative challenges for event organizers.

For example, a standard conference might allocate CPD across a number of professional bodies and each session may have different credit allocations from each professional body. Multiply that by a number of sessions and complex scenarios quickly arise, requiring detailed and time consuming reporting matrixes.

Also, it used to be that members would turn up to a conference and receive credits for a certain number of hours, by simply attending.  Now however, it is the event organizers job to report on who has registered for each workshop, how many CPD credits each session is worth and ensure that each delegate has actually stayed until completion.

The problem when the tracking system is good old-fashioned sign-in paper, is that there is no truly accurate way of knowing if members actually attended — or stayed in — any given workshop. The result? Staff record credits based on incomplete information, leading to member frustration with the certificate process and hours of costly administration time.

What happens if the event grows even bigger?  How much time will this task take up? What resources will have to be allocated if the event grows by 50%? More sessions, more attendees… that’s one huge data spreadsheet and mail merge!

Q: How can Jomablue assist?

A: Session Attendance Tracking addresses these challenges and is easy to use, reaping the benefits of Jomablue integration efficiencies.  Jomablue work with clients before the event to have credits allocated to each session so you’re not spending days after the event on pulling this information together.

During Jomablue Event Check-In, attendees receive a Jomablue Smart Badge. Then, using Session Attendance Tracking, organizers can see which workshops a delegate has attend, when they entered, when they exited and how many CPD credits they successfully achieved. This data is instantly recorded, providing an accurate reflection of individual credits earned.

This builds engagement by enhancing the delegate experience and showcasing the efficiency of the member organization. How great would it be if delegates finished the conference with networking drinks and receiving their CPD certificates within a day and not weeks?

Tally the time devoted to CPD at your last event, then check it against the efficiencies that Jomablue offers. Do you see how this creates a significant reduction in effort and a substantial cost saving? The jump from paper sign-ins to verifiable data is transformative. Weeks of staff time will be eliminated by significantly cutting administration for processing this kind of delegate data.

By partnering with Jomablue, you are better able to deliver engaging experiences for your delegates by efficiently and reliably tracking their CPD credits.

Q: Jomablue assisted the Financial Planning Association of Australia with their conference recently? How were CPD credits allocated during that event?

A: FPA have clear parameters that their Congress attendees need to comply with to receive CPD credits. After multiple years working with the team at FPA they have developed some sophisticated processes using Jomablue features. This has ensured a high degree of compliance with the parameters they set out.

Utilizing Session Attendance Tracking they are able to check people in and out of sessions.  If someone leaves before the required attendance time, a log is created and they will not be eligible for points for that session.

This addresses any issues that organizers may have had in the past of people attending a session and being marked off, but then leaving immediately after it starts; claiming the points whilst not actually doing any of the required work.

We never had that data before. Now I have numbers I can look at. I can analyze it and see where every attendee went.– Pene Lovett, FPA, 2018

Read FPA’s story here.

Q: Thanks Samantha. Finally, what’s your favourite colour?

A: Blue, of course!

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