Many associations choose to build Continual Professional Development (CPD) into their event programs to support the educational needs of their members. This is a smart option as CPD is an attractive member benefit and is a successful way to attract delegates. 

The problem? There are some surprisingly complex administrative challenges.

Three considerations for CDP management:

  1. A typical conference allocates CPD credits across several professional bodies.
    Each body may have different credit allocations for each session. Multiply that by hundreds of sessions and complex scenarios quickly arise.
  2. It used to be that members would turn up to a conference and receive credits for a certain number of hours, by simply attending. 
    Now, however, it is the event organizer’s job to report on who has registered for each workshop, how many CPD credits each session is worth, and ensure that each delegate has actually stayed until the end.
  3. Events now reach across virtual and live interactions.  This adds another layer of calculation to CPD management where different platforms are used to deliver live and virtual formats. 

Imagine a platform that could do all this for you in the time it takes to download a single report?

Easy CPD management – how it works

Because Jomablue is an all-in-one event management solution, data for CPD reporting is captured in the same place as other event experiences are delivered. 

Step 1: Jomablue works with customers before an event to have credits allocated to each virtual and live session.  

Step 2: Using Session Management features organizers can see which sessions and workshops a delegate has attended. 

Step 3: When attendees enter or exit a venue or when they start and stop watching a live stream, interaction data is added to that person’s record. 

How many CPD credits they successfully achieve is automatically recorded as the day progresses. This data is instant and provides an accurate reflection of individual credits earned.

Jomablue’s interconnected features create a significant reduction in effort and a substantial cost saving because:

Imaging notifying delegates of their CDP accreditation within a matter of days, instead of weeks.

Everything event managers need to thrive

Event platforms make lives easier for planners in numerous ways. Streamlining registration and arrival, built-in event marketing tools, and creating personal and engaging experiences across live and virtual event formats. 

Having features to streamline and comply with complex CDP requirements is another way Jomablue supports event managers to thrive. Please, reach out to our team of experts to find out more.

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