Covid Safe Live Event Management

The threat of the Coronavirus remains with us, but recent months have brought new hope for a return to in-person gatherings in the future. As COVID-19 vaccines progress —and depending on the location and size of the event—meeting face-to-face is again being considered in some parts of the world.

For businesses that depend on live events for marketing and revenue, it’s an obvious boon. Attendees’ too, are eager. One survey found 80% were keen to return to live events provided they’re tempered by health and safety measures.

For event organizers, this means turning your attention to creating guidelines to protect attendees and finding creative ways to abide by the rules while still providing a captivating experience. 

In-person events in the time of COVID-19 requires you to consider:

  • Social/physical distancing in queues, crowds, room layout, and seating
  • Increased hygiene and reduced contact between people and surfaces
  • Staggering your agenda or breakout sessions to avoid bottlenecks
  • Clear and consistent communication of safety procedures  
  • The ability to trace and quickly contact attendees post-event

There’s a fine line to walk in order to make in-person events safe, stylish, and memorable. You’ll need flexible yet comprehensive systems that support engaging experiences, responsive operations, and reliable reporting. 

Jomablue has many features that help you plan and deliver COVID-safe in-person events: let’s explore them.


Contactless check-in processes

Our award-winning check-in process is one of the reasons Jomablue is a market leader in event experiences. There are two ways our check-in feature can be applied for COVID safe events:

  • Self-serve: Supported by technology and mobile devices, our check-in feature can be completely contactless. It’s ideal, and affordable, for even small events and workshops—giving you the option to make arrivals 100% contact-free, with self-service check-in and name badge collection by attendees. 
  • Human-assisted: A preferred method for many event organizers is an assisted check-in process, whereby on-site event crew facilitates check-in at designated ‘arrival stations’. It allows for more human interaction but is still a low-contact option. With the correct hygiene procedures, personal protective equipment, and training from Jomablue, event crew use mobile devices to safely guide arrivals and personally greet attendees, by name. Assisted check-in is generally faster and more welcoming, especially for larger events.


Monitor movement and activity, in real-time

A standout feature of the Jomablue event platform is the clarity and detail of our metrics and reporting tools. Underpinning our ability to provide you with rich insights into how attendees behave is our Smart Badge technology.

Smart Badges are allocated to each attendee on arrival and are tapped as people interact with event experiences—creating a digital record. For example, people tap their badge as they arrive, on entering and exiting a speaker’s session, or even when collecting a goodie bag. 

Easy-to-use dashboards in Jomablue show you what’s happening in real-time. This allows for accurate and effective management of foot traffic, room capacity, safety incidents, and contact tracing. Let’s say a session is already at capacity: you could announce this to attendees or alert the event crew to redirect attendees to avoid a backlog of people within a small area.


Share information effectively and safely

Contactless lead capture: For both you and your exhibitors, Jomablue’s clever technology makes capturing attendees’ contact details painless, and very safe. One tap of a Smart Badge is all it takes to collect information via a mobile device: no more filling out forms or competition entry sheets, or exchanging business cards!  

Built-in SMS and email alerts: Communicate with event attendees before, during, and after events by designing and distributing email and SMS messages directly from within the platform. Use templates to ensure consistency, and trigger messages based on event interactions. For instance, you could trigger a text message with personal hygiene tips (e.g., wash hands regularly, apply hand sanitizer) to be delivered as soon as a person checks-in on the first day.

Fast and accurate contact tracing: If the possibility of COVID contact impacts your event, you’ll need to be on the front foot when it comes to providing information to public health officials and attendees so that contact tracing, testing, and quarantine procedures are not delayed. Jomablue’s strong reporting and communication functionality makes this simpler, helping you to protect people’s health and the reputation of your organization.


Jomablue’s solutions make events of any scope safer

Jomablue’s event platform is flexible and full-featured, covering the entire lifecycle of every event, across any format—in-person, hybrid, and virtual. We also offer a streamlined app for live events that require only the essential features. 

By working with Jomablue’s superior platform and processes, transitioning to COVID safe in-person events can be achieved with less risk and greater confidence.

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