COVID safe event check-in

B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

COVID safe event check-in

Sydney event made a triumphant live return propelled by a COVID safe check-in

One of the biggest and best marketing conferences in the Asia-Pacific region used Jomablue to safely deliver a powerful in-person experience amid a business environment disrupted by COVID-19.

The B2B Marketing Leaders Forum lets marketers step away from their day-to-day work to reflect on how to stay relevant, by learning directly from top CMOs and leaders from brands like Telstra, Dell, Xero, Canva, Adobe, GE, Slack, Seek and IBM. 

Given the increasing expectation for marketers to drive a company’s growth, attendees flock to the event to discover strategies, technologies, and leadership techniques that will help them generate revenue, secure larger budgets, and develop a stronger voice in the C-suite.

Having modified the 2020 conference to a half-day virtual event due to the pandemic, organizers were determined to return to an in-person format. However, they needed to ensure 100% COVID safe compliance. 

Earlier this year, the Forum partnered with Jomablue—harnessing our innovative check-in, session management, and lead capture tools—to overcome COVID-19 restrictions and bolster safety, while ensuring an amazing event experience for attendees.

As a result, the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum successfully welcomed more than 450 delegates, sponsors and speakers at their sold-out, in-person Sydney event held between 26-27 May, which featured 36 sessions and more than 60 presenters.

Preparing delegates to arrive safely: pre-event communications

The B2B Marketing Leaders Forum worked with Jomablue to ensure a smooth registration process for their first in-person event impacted by COVID-19 safety obligations. 

Arrival times to the Forum were staggered to minimize the number of bodies crowding into the venue’s foyer area—attendees were allocated an arrival window in groups of 100 at a time. 

Communicating with attendees in advance, via Jomablue’s in-built marketing tools, was critical to making this approach work:

  • Organizers leveraged Jomablue’s email marketing feature to share important messages about COVID safe procedures prior to event day. 
  • On event day, delegates received an SMS notification with a link to their e-ticket and a reminder of their specific arrival time. 

Providing a personalized and well-coordinated welcome: contactless check-in

Slow-moving queues are the enemy of event organizers seeking to minimize risks in the era of COVID-19. 

Thanks to clear pre-event communications and a lightning-fast arrival process made possible by Jomablue’s event technology, the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum avoided any check-in bottlenecks. Decals were placed on the floor leading to the entrace, spaced 1.5m apart, to help people keep their distance.

How did the Forum leverage Jomablue to manage the flow of arrivals so seamlessly?:

  • Attendees arrived gradually, based on their allocated check-in time.
  • Jomablue’s award-winning check-in experience enabled delegates to tap their e-ticket to a mobile device and move seamlessly to COVID safe badge collection stations.
Not only was social distancing easy to adhere to, the best-practice arrivals process meant that the Forum’s 450-plus attendees received a personal welcome and a professional experience. Upon check-in, another email was triggered to delegates’ inboxes, with a friendly greeting and an additional reminder of COVID safe measures in place during the event.

Maintaining distance while building connection: smart badges enhance safety

Naturally, people who attend live events want to engage with each other. The B2B Marketing Leaders Forum promotes learning and networking through its sessions, group discussions, roundtables, social activities, and sponsor exhibition. 

Because the Forum engaged Jomablue to coordinate its check-in and arrival process, all attendees were equipped with smart badges, which supported contactless interactions for the remainder of the event. This includes:

  • Session management: Friendly Jomablue staff tapped attendees’ smart badges from a safe 1.5m distance and welcomed people into each session—by name. Smart badge data collected in the back-end gave organizers a view of how many people attended each session, which will assist with future capacity planning. Also, sponsors benefited from a list of those who attended their sponsored sessions.
  • Lead capture: Jomablue’s market-leading lead capture tools enabled brands to derive more value from their sponsorship of the B2B Marketing Leaders Forum. Exhibitors were able to tap attendees’ smart badges from a socially distant 1.5m away to instantly be armed with an attendee’s contact details. Exhibitors were also able to use Jomablue’s lead capture tool to quickly record extra details about each prospect and send them follow-up information via a pre-configured email message, downloadable file, or special deal.

Using Jomablue’s integrated tools to capture information about attendees’ movements throughout the event meant the Forum’s organizers had incredibly accurate contact tracing records—based on actual participation (rather than intended activity).

COVID safe changes deliver broader improvements for B2B Marketing Leaders Forum

Today’s B2B marketers are expected to be agents of change. Continuing to craft a relevant and engaging event for this audience also requires staying ahead of the curve. 

By embracing Jomablue’s event management platform, B2B Marketing Leaders Forum was able to easily adapt—in ways that actually improved its processes and attendee experience—to deliver a socially distant yet incredibly lively and inspiring conference.

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